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    I understand she had WLS and is now on Twitter as ValerieTexasGirl .
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    “Weight Classes”

    What is the range for a woman who is an OICUR12?
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    So .... What's Your Sign??

    I was born under the sign 'Vertigo', my horoscope always reads "Don't lose your sense of balance".
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    "I Love Those Guys that Love Bellies" appreciation thread

    And I love gals with bellies as big and beautiful as yours!
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    "What ever happened to..."

    Try AngellicCuddles .
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    "What ever happened to..."

    But reinstated under the username AngelicCuddles for about 4 months now.
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    Rules for NSFW topics

    Would this include....... Nickelback reviews?!?
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    Name a new Rock Band ;-)

    Here's a fun project. Name a new rock band using the color of you shirt and the last thing you ate. Mine would be Beige Bacon!
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    Susanne Eman

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    Susanne Eman

    She was on Feabie, then disappeared, then reappeared.
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    B&W photo of 4 BBWs around a car

    I think we all have seen this photo, from long ago: . What is the story behind it? And who is that lady with the long dark hair in the middle? I always loved her.
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    Instagram Suggestions

    Use to caption pictures. One I thought of was, "Of course I have an eating disorder; I'm eating dis order, dat order, de udder order, whatever I can find".
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    1st mainstream centerfold fatty ?

    Katty from BUF and Gent, black and weighed 300 lbs.
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    Inquery:Kelly,Katty & the 500 club

    New update: Now that TinyPic has gone defunct, I've uploaded all my scans of Kelly to Imgur. Enjoy!
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    "What ever happened to..."

    I'd like to know if anyone knows what became of Goddess Of Gluttony? She was a 565 lb. feedee/gainer on Feabie, as well as having several videos eating and otherwise, on her YouTube channel. Then suddenly, she disappeared off both. Then, a few months later, she reappeared on Feabie (but not on...