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Recent content by cosulivan84

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  1. cosulivan84

    Rep Your Pets!

    These are my two monkeys Zephon and Lyra.
  2. cosulivan84

    need help finding trousers

    thanks for the suggestion. I did take and look and the right fit trousers seem like a really good idea though unfortunately your right they don't ship to the uk. Grr the uk are awful for bigger clothing options.
  3. cosulivan84

    need help finding trousers

    I'm normally a skirts kind of girl. I Prefer them because you really only have to worry about the fitting around the waist and hips but i am now in need of a couple of pairs of trouser. My problem is that i never seem to be able to fit them over my thighs. I have 50 inch hips but my thighs are...
  4. cosulivan84

    Has There Ever Been a FA/BBW Couple Pic Thread?

    There are so many cute couples here. Heres a few of me and my guy. a great one of him but not such a good one of me lol. For some reason i always seem to be in the corner of our pictures that or it looks like i'm hiding (and he claims he doesn't hog the camera! :rolleyes:)
  5. cosulivan84

    So this is what is considered "fat"in Brazil

    There have been so many issues lately what with the debates about size zero being as unhealthy as obesity and those models who were killing themselves to stay the size of a splinter (i personally think tooth pick is too large to describe some models) that it's refreshing to see a model who's...
  6. cosulivan84

    Dry scalp- need help

    I have the same problem. My dry scalp is caused by a reaction to anything with strong scents etc. I was advised to use Neutrogena t-gel shampoo (they even have one for greasy hair) and it really helped me (http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details.jsp?productid=1040278&classificationid=1025743...
  7. cosulivan84

    More prayers needed, this time for Missaf and her Dad

    Hi Missaf I've only just read this thread and wanted to say that all my thoughts are with you and your dad right now. Your dad sounds like a strong determined man, I'm sure he'll pull through.
  8. cosulivan84

    "Chair Changes Color if You're Fat"

    I agree. The idea of colour changing chairs is cool. But i'd be mortified if i sat on a chair in a public place and it turned red. It would be like walking into a room and having an alarm go off "warning warning, too fat too fat, awoooga awooga". Well maybe not that bad but you get my point.
  9. cosulivan84

    One of the cutest things I've ever seen...

    Awww they are the cutest. Thanks so much for posting that it's made my day :)
  10. cosulivan84

    CARRIE! This is just for you - c'mon people join in.

    But incase those don't make you smile i thought i'd add these aswell
  11. cosulivan84

    CARRIE! This is just for you - c'mon people join in.

    These little cartoons always make me smile and they are so cute. I hope they do the same for you carrie. All my love
  12. cosulivan84

    Mike and Donni's Wedding Pics

    A huge Congratulations you two look so happy :) . The pictures are beautiful thankyou for sharing.
  13. cosulivan84

    Question for the Ladies........

    I'm another double chin girl. I have always had a small double chin but it's getting a lot bigger and i'm not that keen. I'm the same as MissToodles i can see the beauty in other large women but it's a bit different putting that beauty onto yourself.
  14. cosulivan84

    Recent Picture of You

    My new hair. I realise i look moody but i had just come down with a cold so was trying not to cough
  15. cosulivan84

    Led Zeppelin

    Kashmir is great. i remember how excited i was when i finally found physical graffiti on cd (just for that song). I'm a bit dubious about a reunion. Heres hoping it'll work it'd be amazing if it did.