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    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 2

    SW:ToR, but only PvP and class missions at this point. Love the PvP. Neverwinter - enjoying it waaaay more than I expected.
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    What's on the dinner table tonight?

    spreadable swiss cheese, matzo, bing cherries, Mexican Coca-Cola. Same dinner I've been having for the past week or so. Perfect summer meal.
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    I Am Struggling With Depression

    Has anyone tried or have any experience with Deplin?
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    Buying glasses online...

    I've gotten glasses from both zennioptical and eyebuydirect and have been happy with my purchases. Between my kids and I, I think I've gotten...7 or 8 pairs? Over the past 3 years or so. Of those, only one pair was a problem - the color started peeling from the frame and then the frame...
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    In Need of Hair Ideas!

    Are there any beauty schools near you? You can usually get color (and cut) done there for a fraction of the cost at a salon. Like you, I have VERY dark, VERY thick hair and lots of it. I went completely blonde a few years ago, when it was well past my shoulders. It took a triple process and cost...
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    Dear Conrad:

    She did have her say. Dude was outed. Thread was closed. I don't see the problem. Other than that people are butthurt that they didn't get to have their say in the original thread. Obviousness, anyone?
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    Help! I can't find a white sundress!

    Okay, in your OP you said you wanted something "gauzy". The second dress, and a couple of the other ones, are jersey knit, which isn't gauzy and IMO will look very casual for a wedding dress. I think your wedding dress should have some flair to it. Therefore, my vote goes to the first dress or...
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    Dear Conrad:

    I've given this issue a lot of thought since SJ made this post, and I have come to the same conclusions as LovesBHMS. We can't hold an internet board or moderator or owner responsible for real life events. The moderators/board owner can only monitor what happens on the boards. They can't be...
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    Beth (aka Madison Aikers) has passed away.

    Beth was a doll, pure & simple. Even though we'd only known one another through emails, she gave me a wonderful Christmas gift when she was up here for NYE. I was so touched by her generosity and thoughtfulness. We shared a love of all things Disney and had many conversations about how awesome...
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    Help! I can't find a white sundress!

    http://www.onestopplus.com/Plus-Size-2X-26-28.aspx?dims=1000000021%3a4294962737%2c1000000210%3a1000000212&DeptId=19600&dimorder=1000000210,1000000054,1000000021,1000000061,1000000116,1000000103 check the deals thread for coupon codes, OSP always has 'em!
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    Supersize VS Superskinny.

    Actually, I'm a retired paysite model, but that's neither here nor there. I don't hate you, I don't know you. What I know is that you're willing to pretend your fat is always super awesome all the time when it is of financial benefit or that it is a horrible curse that's ruined your life when...
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    Supersize VS Superskinny.

    I think the issue, CP and Pauline, is that you seem disingenuous to the fat community because when you are *here*, you appear to celebrate your fat--and either do or have tried to benefit financially from it via paysites. But then when you are off in the "real world", you denigrate your...
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    It's been maybe 5 years since I've gotten anything from Avon, but that's because I don't have an Avon lady any more. LOL I really thought their cosmetics were fine quality -- better than, say, drugstore cosmetics, maybe not quite as good as department store cosmetics. They do have some higher...
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    Wanting to hit the beach ... But, no swimsuit.

    Sadly, the sale ended and it is back up to $90. :(
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    Fuzzy's Doritos

    Found a new line of Doritos at Wal-Mart today: Doritos JACKED. The website says it comes in two flavors (Enchilada Supreme and Spicy Chipolte BBQ) but I swear there was a third flavor called Hot Wings or something like that. If they still have them next time I'm at Wally World, I'll report back...