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    Author: FA's Make Me Want To Be Thin

    Thanks for the compliment, though I am not too sure about the sweet part..I been called ALOT of things, but sweet aint usually one of em! :bow::bow:
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    Author: FA's Make Me Want To Be Thin

    My ex wife is a bbw who hated the fact that she was fat. ( She recently had WLS ) She thinks I am the weirdest guy in the world ( I am ) because I only like bbw's. She has gone on to inform me, that I only like bbw's because they have insecurity issues. ( LOL I told her you gotta meet AnnMarie...
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    Name a FA character from film or TV

    That was me too, I was so worried what others would think I only dated skinny gals.. Shame Shame Shame:bow::bow:
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    Admitting ur different

    I always was attracted to plus sized women. I will say that as a younger man I wasnt ready for the peer pressure, So I dated skinnies up until I was 21. Then I realized that every skinny women I dated I always found myself straying with a plus sized gal. That wasnt good, so I knew I needed to be...
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    What's your biggest sexual turn-off?

    My biggest sexual turn offs are funky smells, and bad breath. If it dont smell good, I AM OUT!:bow::bow: PS About sounds one time during sex with someone she started making these weird eerie moaning sounds, like a ghost or something,,It was so weird, I couldnt ummm, perform up to my ability. I...
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    ME ME ME ME ME ME add ME to the list! Any list you create I wanna be a part of! :bow::bow:
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    Do you give off a gay vibe?

    No No No No , I didnt mean that at ALL! lol....Hell all 3 of you are sexy as hell and I would give an EYETOOTH to be a fly on THAT wall!:bow: :bow:
  8. CTAnonymousCT

    Do you give off a gay vibe?

    Hell I dont even know her, but she is cute enough for me to FIND a sexy bi gal if she ever wants to turn the corner, JUST so I can WATCH! HAHA:bow: :bow:
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    Do you give off a gay vibe?

    I must exude the gay vibe. I get that all the time. Gay men LOVE me, alot more than women do! haha I used to get angry alot when gay men hit on me, now I look at it as a compliment, They must find me attractive enough to approach me. So even though I AM a strictly tuna guy, it no longer...
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    When a man...

    Craigs list is only good if ya need to find a roomate, hooker or free lamp from the 70's...LMAO
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    Vegas Bash 2007!!

    I too, put my money Ms. Boyle....UNLESS she is mad at J then she will LOSE all of MY money,,Ooops I mean HER money! Once on full-tilt I had finally gotten up to 20k+ play $ (With Heathers help) and WHAMMO the next morning I log on and i had $0.00...Hmmmmmmm Keep it Real!:bow: :bow:
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    BHM dads

    Ya, I never noticed when I was big. I was 6'3" 325//Now I am 215. What a difference it has made in my confidence. Now here I go on a weird thought I just had..... I LOVE fat girls I mean love em! So when I date one that has confidence issues like I did, I get frustrated because I think she looks...
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    The show your face/introduction thread

    Yeah, Its something in the genes...My poor kids dont take good pics either, and thier mom does, so its definatly MY fault.. Bad pics or not, I WANNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAA GOTO VEGASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. .........Rumor has it I would have a good time..LMAO..God its too early...
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    The show your face/introduction thread

    Just think of the possibilities if I did? You, Me, a light bank, boom operater...*sigh* Heavenly..Get it?? LMAO Keep it Real!
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    The show your face/introduction thread

    Name-Larry (to my friends) If I tell my real name I am no longer anonymous Age-39 sigh Location-CT baby Profession-Closer/Sales Music-Rap/Hiphop/some rock Likes-fat girls,dancing,WoW,pugs, reading anything that isnt nailed down. Dislikes- bbw haters, women who think just cause a man has a...