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  1. CuriousKitten

    Outgrowing, bursting and busting through

    I will soon be making a Good Will run but I figured I could take just one picture of me in clothes from days gone by :D
  2. CuriousKitten

    the best part of the gain is...

    I love the naughtiness of it all. Being able to throw caution to the wind and just indulge in all the delicious foods and sweets that you won't without having to factor in or even care about society's pressure to be thin. When I first started gaining I realized just how many foods I had...
  3. CuriousKitten

    Summer weight gain...possible BBW?

    This is a really hot thread. Very interested in continuing to see your progress! Congratulations and enjoy every new pound!
  4. CuriousKitten

    wanting to gain......again

    I feel the same way too and have recently started to actively gain again. Not sure how long it will last but I figured I'd run with it while I felt like gaining. I think it's normal and okay to change your mind.
  5. CuriousKitten

    What Junk Food does for Girls (before & after)

    I heard that those before and after diet ads are actually backwards. They usually pick some really buff person and take the before picture and then have them gain weight for the after picture. Oh to get paid to get fat... haha...
  6. CuriousKitten

    My personal feelings about my recent weight gain

    Wow congrats. I wish I could have the confidence and self esteem that you have about your gain. I have such difficulty when people say things about the weight I've gained. I wish I could just push all their opinions aside and get on with it. It's amazing that you have. What an inspiration...
  7. CuriousKitten

    Does anyone else get turned on when recounting what you ate during the day?

    Yes. I love that! :D I love hearing what my husband has eaten on any given day.
  8. CuriousKitten

    How do you deal with opposition?

    I completely agree! I just don't get how weight seems to be a normal topic of conversation! It seems like all anyone in my life can talk about is their diet.. whatever ridiculous mainstream fad diet they seem to be on.. it's ridiculous. And whether you lost weight or not a lot of people...
  9. CuriousKitten

    How do you deal with opposition?

    Okay so last year my boyfriend now husband convinced me to gain with him. A year and circa 35lbs later, it has been a lot of fun but now it seems that everyone in my life is against me. My parents have flat out berated me for my weight gain as if gaining any weight meant I was weak and a loser...
  10. CuriousKitten

    weight gain

    Replying to your original post, I'd have to say medium. 230 isn't really that much. Yet. But congrats on the 50lb gain. Keep us posted on your progress :)
  11. CuriousKitten

    How much did you gain last year?

    Wow... what a sweet post! :D Thank you!
  12. CuriousKitten

    How much did you gain last year?

    I went from 185 on December 12, 2008 to 226 as of December 31st 2009 so that is 36 lbs. I'd like to keep going in 2010 but I am getting too much outside pressure to lose weight so I may go on hiatus.
  13. CuriousKitten

    How much weight has everyone gained this year (so far)?

    Sadly not as good as I had hoped. He fluctuates between a gain of 10-17lbs. It's so not fair. I've now put on 31 since we started and he's only half way there to match me and it was HIS IDEA! Oh well.
  14. CuriousKitten

    How much weight has everyone gained this year (so far)?

    Wow thanks everyone for your compliments. I appreciate it. I have been having mixed feelings about the new weight as of late and it helps when everyone is so supportive :)
  15. CuriousKitten

    How much weight has everyone gained this year (so far)?

    I have gone from 192 to 214 so far this year. I started gaining on Dec 12 2008 and I have gained nearly 30 lbs since then. January 2009 192 lbs August 2009 I"m sure I'll be putting on more before the year is out.