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    Anyone an artist?

    They're "priceless" dear ;)
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    Anyone an artist?

    Wow, thank you for the high complement :) The painting was done in oils. First I roughly blocked in all other elements using a soft charcoal stick, then on to a monochromatic oil underpainting (also known as a grissaille), and then a slow build up to final image (or fat over lean) with a few...
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    Anyone an artist?

    Still more a working artist than a paid one :p An old portrait I did and a recent (unfinished) sculpture ... my new passion.
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    Like Short Films? Well, I Made Some

    Congratulations on your work. Were these shot on film or HD? Of the three, Someone stood out and reminded of Antonioni's Blow-Up where the protagonist happens on a corpse in a park only later discover it missing. Needless to say the photography is very well done and thank you for not adding...
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    The show your face/introduction thread

    Welcome MsFantasia!
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    The show your face/introduction thread

    "I will admit-it; that I'm sort-of still wondering...." What is there to wonder? She's apologized several times - profusely - and personally to AnnMarie. I'll echoe Dromond's sentiment and "call it a wash and [to] start over." Needless to say, welcome Prettyfat!
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    The View from the Back

    Nice indeed :)
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    Show Your Skill/Talent/Hobby Off! - BBW Only Please

    wow thank you ladies. Should have been mindful though of the op's rules.
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    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 2

    Winter's Bone. A jewel of a film that takes place in the Ozarks about a young women seeking her father who's skipped bail despite having used their home as collateral. It's a dark, lyrical study of not only abject poverty, but of a young woman's courage against some really nasty characters...
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    Creep On the Loose

    Nosferatu the Vampyre! One of my all time favorites. :)
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    For The Artists Amongst Us - Share Your Work!

    I did this for a friend of mine in exchange for him modeling in another piece I have yet to finish. Took about three sittings to complete. Kevin
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    Post a Recent Photo of Your Pet **:o3 **:@)**~:>

    Not to put a damper on this wonderful thread, but I would be remiss if I didn't honor our beloved Mahtu who passed away on the morning of News Year's Eve. His name has no meaning and was given to him by my deceased father-in-law. He was a 'hand-me-down' from my ex-wife and I had him for four...
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    question for 3D artists

    I've been tinkering with Cinema 4D for over a year, but haven't had time to seriously study the program. It's suppose to be easy to learn, used often by illustrators. and can be used on Macs. I'd highly recommend a book by Tony Alley called 3D Modeling with Cinema 4D R9. It's a steep...
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    Calling All Artists

    These are all great and I imagine it took quite some time to complete. The third stands out because you really nailed the anatomy. Have you checked out Zbrush? I've seen some astonishing work using that app. CG is fascinating, and of course is only in its infancy. I've been tinkering...
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    The Lovely Miss Toodles

    Dank u Bo Babe. :)