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    In the meantime I gained also from BHM to ssBHM- 78 kg in 18 months and I feel that big difference- in total now 245 kg. Most interesting is that the fat structure became more and more wobbling, much cellulite and hanging flab on nearly all body parts. So it is a big difference to a BHM. I like...
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    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    These are my current photos and all is in a growing process...
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    Man Boobs Curiosity

    Another contribute. These are my moobs today and still growing...
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    BHM and cellulite

    To all FFA - what do You think about fat men and cellulite - does it bother You or do You like it ?
  5. daniel

    Cellulite - does it bother you ?

    Hi all you FFA's ! I would like to know if cellulite in a BHM is bothering you. I'm 184 cm, 155 kg and I developed more and more cellulite on my thighs, butt, hips and arms during last years. So I'm very interested to know your opinion to taht porblem. Best whishes Daniel
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    Fat Tissue

    How can you influence the quality of your fat tissue - I mean is there any concept to get your fat soft e.g. ?
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    FFAs! Your hottest (and best) BHM encounters

    It's a wounderful feeling to imagine that you squeeze my lovehandles. Hopefully it comes true.
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    What size BHM or FFA are you looking for?

    I'm 6 ft tall and my weight is 350 lbs. Im looking for skinny FFA who want to make me real heavy. Is there anyone ?
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    What does DIMs and the BHM/FFA Board Mean to you?

    For me this forum is the only one you can express your thoughts without any shame. It's the best platform to find girls who admire man like me.
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    Usually I wear shorts but I was too shy to wear nothing...
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    Belly vs. gut

    In my case there was no change in proportion depending on my gain. Always my fat was soft and jiggly and located on my belly as well on my hips, thighs or buttock. So the appearance is in fact a bit feminized. I really don`t know if it is caused by genetic factors or imbalances in hormones.
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    Cellulite in men

    Here you can see a bit what I'm talking about. Its getting more and more and spreads over the hole body - help !!
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    Your biggest weightgain

    another gain of app. 10 lbs last week...
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    Feelings on Guy Tits?

    still growing...
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    Feelings on Guy Tits?

    Thank you for your compliments SnapDragon. I would like to send you more pics or even a video, but you didn't gave any mail-adress. I'm so sorry... Daniel