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  1. Deanna

    3X Wedding Dress For Sale

    Eeek! I just realized it hasn't gone live yet, it will be live 12:00 AM Pacific Time :doh:
  2. Deanna

    3X Wedding Dress For Sale

    Hi guys, I'm selling a gorgeous mint condition 3X wedding dress from Kiyonna on eBay. Here is the listing: Here it is on the Kiyonna website: I bought it a year ago but between then and...
  3. Deanna

    Added complications in friendships/ relationships

    This, when your partner matches your enthusiasm for the fetish.
  4. Deanna

    Do you think everyone has a shot or finds love?

    I submit the heart should never be given away, ever. Hang on to that asset.
  5. Deanna

    Happy Birthday theronin23!

    Have a great one, Josh. I finally saw Repo! The Genetic Opera; took me long enough.
  6. Deanna

    Feeder/Feedee Thread

    What a lovely feeling. I have something similar occur when I go out of town to visit family. They stock up on candy, sugary cereals, ice cream, and easy frozen foods like corn dogs and fried cheese, but everything vanishes far quicker than anticipated. YES. I understand this. It's a shame...
  7. Deanna

    Hitting on the opposite sex...

    Smile, relax, and don't try too hard. It is usually easy to tell if a man is interested. At that point it won't matter if you are "flirting" or not, the chemistry will be smooth as Nutella.
  8. Deanna

    Fish Out of Water

    A chance to be the fattest girl in a group is one to embrace with open arms and hands full of cookies.
  9. Deanna

    Do you think everyone has a shot or finds love?

    There are no worthy words to describe how much I mutually-not-hate the above, so you get these lame ones instead.
  10. Deanna

    Feeder/Feedee Thread

    My experience, too, except weight gain/generalized fat-related sexy talk happens outside of the bedroom frequently, injected in almost every conversation and activity. This seems true for the Feedee men I've known. They want to be humiliated, tied down, victimized, and force-fed. They want...
  11. Deanna

    Feeder/Feedee Thread

    Hey Lin! FetLifers unite! I am an active gainer, feedee, and part-time feeder. It used to be the other way around - I engaged in fattening a partner, afraid to dip my feet into the feedee pool of Nutella but desiring it with every jiggling fiber of my being. I feared: Outgrowing my...
  12. Deanna

    What Do YOU Do To Feel Pretty?

    I look like a child playing dress-up in her mother's closet when wearing dresses, heels, lipstick, jewelry. I've always felt prettiest in jeans and t-shirts, with little makeup, my hair controlled (the best I can do on that front). Most girls are at their most beautiful in this state.
  13. Deanna

    The thread for random single confessions!

    I confess Zak Bagans is the first buff man I have ever found hot, no fattening up necessary. It has something to do with his "Dude, I am going to kick your ass" attitude toward demons and that hair.
  14. Deanna

    Dat .gif!

    The second snowy cock image I've posted on here. I might have a problem.
  15. Deanna

    What gives you a boost?

    Laughing - Its chemical release numbs any self-doubt.
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