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  1. Deemondess

    The Last Word - Part 3!

    well seeing as I originally started this such a long time ago I thought I would plonk my ass on the pile and sy I have the last word
  2. Deemondess

    Nude Modeling and its effect on my own self image

    I was coaxed into posting some lingerie pics on a well known free site and I was amazed at all the compliments a webmaster approached me and I ended up joining his pay site Last june 2008 I had my firs ever professional shoot and I havnt looked back since I have a great blog and...
  3. Deemondess

    The Last Word, part II

    peeks in a moment hope you feel better soon timber wolf and a hya Dee
  4. Deemondess

    Check out what I took a picture of last night!

    great pics thanks for sharing Secret
  5. Deemondess

    Change A Letter

    reds = reed
  6. Deemondess

    The Last Word, part II

    drive carefully
  7. Deemondess

    Change A Letter

    flue- leud
  8. Deemondess

    The Last Word, part II

    I need to do some catching up lifes been hectic this past year time to sit back and relax :eat1::eat2:
  9. Deemondess

    The Last Word, part II

    thank you I had sometime off but I am back again :smitten:
  10. Deemondess

    Name a song from the last letter, part IV

    Only You the pickets
  11. Deemondess

    Change A Letter

    peel - leer
  12. Deemondess

    The Last Word, part II

    sneaks in winks over at timber hya remember meeeeeeeeeeee:kiss2: and calmly steals the last word :eat2:
  13. Deemondess

    What Are You Listening to Thread- Revisited ;)

    I am listening to the Corrs singing everybody hurts its really good Dee
  14. Deemondess

    Change A Letter

    lice - lace
  15. Deemondess

    Change A Letter

    arch = chat
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