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    Dimjensions magazines for sale

    I have around 50 or more Dimensions magazines dating back to when it was still called the FA-Sig all the way unti 1996. I'd prefer to sell them as a lot but will sell individually if needed. Best offer, message me for more info. They are all in perfect condition
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    leaving Dims!

    good luck with
  3. DeniseW

    Ring Sizing

    I'd get the size 6 as long as you said it isn't painful, mine get looser in the winter like you said and they easily slip off....when I wake up, mine is a little tight from swelling but it usually is ok by the afternoon, I have taken mine off before bed especially if it's really hot out and then...
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    Name a Song From the Last Letter - Part 5!

    that should be R, not B Run to Me Bee Gees E
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    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    I like my steak rare, maybe too rare, a friend's mother looked at my plate one time and said "with a little care, that could have lived" :)
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    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    Greatest Hits of the 5th Dimension, one of my favorite groups of all time
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    Beth (aka Madison Aikers) has passed away.

    I'm so sorry, Beth was such a sweet girl, always smiled and spoke to me at bashes and such......such a loss
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    Farewell AJ Confessore

    Tony was one of the very first FA's I ever met and I had a little crush on him in the 90's......I'll never forget him...:(
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    Low Carb Ideas & Recipes

    thanks....:) Trying it tomorrow, I actually already have almond flour....I just have to be careful with bananas but it seems like it makes a lot of servings so you don't get much banana in each slice...
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    Low Carb Ideas & Recipes

    I saw you talking about it on FB and then came here hoping you posted the recipe, thank you, oh and did you actually use coconut sugar in it or just the stevia?
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    Who do you wish was an FA

    Blair Underwood and the guy that plays Grayson on Drop Dead Diva, Jackson Hurst......yummy
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    Low Carb Ideas & Recipes

    thanks so much, I wish I lived with
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    Low Carb Ideas & Recipes

    you are seriously killing me, what are the fries made out that pork rinds on the chicken?
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    Low Carb Ideas & Recipes

    ok, I've heard of the peanut butter bread but never tried it,thanks. Glad you like the shirataki noodles, I eat them all the time, have to "doctor" them up a little though but they aren't half bad
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    Low Carb Ideas & Recipes

    is there a recipe somewhere for that bread? it looks better than what I make from flaxseed