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    The Balloon Behind Her - by Steatopygia (~BBW, Magic, Butt expansion, ~SWG )

    Greatest. Story. Ever. Definitely my all-time fave.
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    Jelena - by Deryk Shane (~BBW, Magic. Butt Growth, ~SWG)

    ~BBW, Magic. Butt Growth, ~SWG - two college girls encounter ecstasy Jelena by Derek Shane Jelena had just finished her practice when she entered her locker room. There she found a box of chocolates with a note that read, "In hopes of bigger and better things." "Huh?" she said out...
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    An old Deryk Shane story...

    No. I have it, but am currently busy. I'll post my copy once I proof it and okay posting it on dimensions. Deryk Shane
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    An old Deryk Shane story...

    Actually, that was my story, too. I had forgotten it. It was an epic one that involved several different weight gain phenomena (prosthetics, the chocolate, and natural overeating). Natalie's Life was the name of the story. I may post it again some day. Deryk Shane
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    An old Deryk Shane story...

    I actually did some digging and came across this story you might be referencing. It was a short one that I had forgotten about. Eight years old now, and my lucky 13th story. =============================== Jelena By Deryk Shane (now officially posted here - ed) Jelena had just...
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    An old Deryk Shane story...

    You've got me stumped.... Deryk Shane :)
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    To Deryk Shane

    Coop, honestly, I'm not that livid about it. It pisses me off that he didn't even bother to ask permission. Aside from that, he did switch it from high school to college, so I wonder how that can be a grammatical error. I feel "The Favor" is a simple punk with no decency. Nothing I can do about...
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    Revenge Backfiring stories.

    Nice idea for a story.... Deryk
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    The Classic old tales

    Well, as long as it is the way it is, my stories aren't going to be on Dimensions. Save for the few I write recently and feel like sharing. I'll setup a site eventually to store them. But my biggest contention is that I have many stories that 'trail off' without a definitive end, at least to...
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    Week In Vegas - by Derek Shane (~BBW(mult) Eating, Romance, ~SWG)

    This is my 50th story. Unfortunately, the tabs didn't translate, so nothing's indented. I'm currently working on posting all of my stories, somewhere. I know it's a broken record, but I will, someday, have them posted on the 'net. Thanks for all those that enjoy my works, and I hope you enjoy...
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    Week In Vegas - by Derek Shane (~BBW(mult) Eating, Romance, ~SWG)

    ~BBW(mult), Eating, Romance, ~SWG - Two girls on the road, one helps her friend find love Week In Vegas by Deryk Shane (My 50th Story) Amanda looked over at him. He smiled back at her. As he did, she noticed his eyes shift up and down her frame. Feeling free and unencumbered, she twisted...
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    The Big Seat - by Q Bomb (~BBW, Drama, Eating, ~SWG )

    Very nice. Definitely original. Bellissimo.
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    Drip....Drip.... Drip Feed

    When I first started, I wrote in installments. Usually not a 'by the day' kind of update, but more when I felt that part of the story was over, and it was moving onto the next part. Recently, well, mostly because I rarely post anymore, I write the whole story. Sometimes scrapping it for parts...