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    Size acceptance... really?

    Amidst the current dichotomy discussion, I guess it's worth reminding folks of Dimensions' history for a little perspective. (Don't let the September 2005 joined date to the left under my avatar fool you; I've subscribed to Dimensions since it was a paper magazine.) As GEF pointed out, the...
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    What is it for you?

    Oh my God, yes! Why? My knee jerk theory is that it is because some fat admirers are ashamed of their preference/predilection and constantly trying to justify and/or label helps to assuage their shame. In their eyes, we are part of the "other", so we need to be put into a compartment. I...
  3. Donna

    Absolutely STRUGGLING in new relationship - changes in appearance

    For those of us who aren't neurodivergent and aren't familiar interacting with anyone who is, is there a tell-tale sign or behavior that distinguishes it from someone who is not neurodivergent and only using it as an excuse for their need to compartmentalize (and possibly control) their...
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    Does anyone else HATE this fetish?

    This discussion seems geared more toward admirers than the admired, and even though I identify as both, my default is being the admired so I’m bowing out. @Angelette, please talk to someone about why you feel suicide is your answer. As a survivor I’m here to tell you it is always the wrong...
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    Valley Girl (83) Like fer sure, doncha know!
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    Ghost Rider
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    Does anyone else HATE this fetish?

    Is it normal to be gratified by fat bits? Depends…is it common or something a majority of people like? No. But for those of us who are, it’s part of how we’re wired, so it’s definitely normal. Advice? I’ve got tons, but take any advice with a grain of salt. If you like him for him, and the fat...
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    Training Day
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    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    This one’s been on repeat in my head since the middle of the night. Not happy about it, but not complaining because it did inspire a new writing project. Paloma Faith, Only Love Can Hurt Like This
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    One Completely Random Sentence...

    Why didn’t I believe him when he told me he was an asshole?
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    Does anyone else HATE this fetish?

    Okay, folks, let Nanny Donna explain the birds and bees, and kink. Kink, ** according to sexuality psychological researcher Samuel Hughes, is "any consensual, non-traditional sexual or sensual behaviors." This includes BDSM, LGBTQI+, feederism, fetishes, intersectionality. So, a fetish is a...
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    Thinking of running away.

    I third what agouderia and James said. Talk to a professional, too: National Domestic Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-7233 Text START to 88788 Chat online and find resources here: Google One Box Their website is: National Domestic Violence Hotline
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    Disney Plus Size Heroine

    I believe it hit a nerve for many of us, both fat women and admirers alike.
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    What song is currently stuck in your head?

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    Disney Plus Size Heroine

    You are, as always, correct and I am ashamed to have contributed to it. I have edited my post and am bowing out of this discussion.