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    Does this ad show diversity?

    I saw the big guy, but he was a stereotype of the fat and jolly, and only one in a pink speedo. No big women, color diversity only. People were laughing at the birds and the big guy dancing!
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    Issues While Entering The Forum

    This post by the Admin will help with the issue- a new server was used as well as updated software
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    Sorry!!! Just saw this, the Robots show when someone asks Google or other search engines about...

    Sorry!!! Just saw this, the Robots show when someone asks Google or other search engines about something.
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    Hoping 2020 is better.

    So sorry about your loss Loki666, I lost my guy a little over 3 years ago. I totally understand how that made 2019 your worst year ever. An unexpected loss like that shakes you to your foundation.
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    Hoping 2020 is better.

    I really hope you were not referring to Loki666’s post Putting on My moderator’s hat, I need to let everyone know that as a community here at Dimensions we keep clear of Politics, and we also are kind when other members are undergoing such difficult times.
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    2019 Singles Party! *Meet and Greet Time*

    If you are single and looking! Don’t miss the new personal section!!!!! Personal Ads
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    Natural Remedies and Homeopathic Suggestions

    Cherry has been used for gout for years.
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    Through some social media outlets I have heard a lot of we just have to wait and see. Friends of some of the couples have just put out messages saying they support their friends. My money is it turning into a shit show!
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    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    Welcome to Dimensions! I stop looking at this thread for a while and it explodes. If I didn’t reach out to you personally I apologize. The holidays and all that stuff just kind of swallowed me up this year. to all the new folks, please feel free to reach out, I am a moderator and I can...
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    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    Welcome to Dimensions, we are mostly a friendly group, with a good heated discussion lurking around!
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    Celebrities in fatsuits

    The man that plays her husband wore a fat suit for all of the episodes until this last set before the show’s mid season break. He suddenly found CrossFit and is now a big guy with muscles and abs. When I first found out he was wearing a fat suit it irritated me quite a bit. I was certain there...
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    Lizzo's Twerking Controversy

    Agree with you both about the poor poor choice of outfit. The issue is that it is a much bigger deal because she is fat. Jlo doing that at a game would get critiqued but not have people thinking her career was ruined.
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    Lizzo's Twerking Controversy

    Not sure I agree. The cheerleaders/dancers on the field are highly sexualized, small costumes, with boobs bouncing everywhere. It is like there is something sacred about being attached to the playing field. Would I make the decision to wear that outfit in that situation, no. But she...
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    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    Welcome and there are a few Brits! Just hang around they will surface.
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