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    The Meet Up - My Very First Erotica - Part 1

    Very good story! It’s nice to see a trans girl in WG fiction
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    Foreign women

    I'm wondering if there are any good stories about foreign girls coming to America and fattening up.
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    Best Mutual WG Stories?

    Just started getting into it, was wondering if anyone had any must reads.
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    Game of Thrones WG?

    The actress, dude! I can't read books!
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    Game of Thrones WG?

    Anybody know of any fan art or fics with weight gain in them? I'll give Harrenhal to any one who can give me a fat Margery Tyrell
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    Any good fic of a mother and daughter gaining at or around the same time?
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    Demons of Gluttony?

    You're thinking of Elroy Cohen's Glutton Gremlins.
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    Stories where EVERYONE gains

    I'm looking for some stories where a large number of people put on weight through out it. I've already seen Dueling Emblems in the Library and I've loved everything that Jake(JMJ) has done, but I'm wondering if there is anything else of interest out there