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    From FA to Gainer: Making Sense of Fat Sexuality

    i feel like i can make a contribution here. being an FA i have encouraged any lady i have cared about (aside family members) to gain weight with some success at it. even if temporary. if you have it you cannot really fake it. i like for a lot of reasons, to witness a gain and to be with a chubby...
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    Well the great walk away is almost finished

    there may be something about being online too much time that is probably making it more difficult to socialize in person, i have to concede that, and if there are no bbw bash or anything of the sort in town, well, recognize that and go out or learn to see our ladies just in the screen
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    Travel plans have been cancelled. And I plan to walk away from the big girls.

    bbw bash... well, difficult things to have, it would be ideal to have one on every city every weekend but even do months apart you are years ahead. here in mexico we don't have any bashes... and i would love to have a beer around my street that admits ssbbw only of course
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    I love being an FA

    if i were not an FA... and would want my lady to lose weight all the time and to visit the gym and to be fit i would have a hard time enjoying her belly and cellulite filled thighs or watching her eat burger and then dessert even do she clearly states that she is more than full. so hot for an FA.
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    Weight to be BBW,SSBBW and USSBBW

    that is a good and long lasting question, of course height has a lot to do with. but generally i would say, over 600 the ultrassbbw is granted. ssbbw just above 400-450 and bbw over 250 if you agree
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    Wants to gain, but don't want to or can't.

    this is a good one... first point. what do you really want and what do you really like ? personally... i would say i like to eat but i would not be really happy going all over to the obese side. a little overweight or soft i can do. ripped i cant. so... thats it to be honest. there is no more. i...
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    Happy, Healthy, Fat Old People

    oh well... this is good topic for conversation. there are a lot of variables that impact longevity. a very important aspect its indeed how do we handle our emotions and particularly stress. of course some habits are life shortening and there will always be some exceptions to it. smoking 3...
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    Set Point aka "Happy Weight"

    yes yes and yes that is a concept that has all my approval and that should be more commonly known. i think it would promote a lot more acceptance. why should be all weight the exact same number? you just torment everyone by telling them that they are either under or overweight and they will have...
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    Anyone Fattened Up a BF or Hubby

    i am proud to say that i have fattened up some ladies... i will make myself confortable and tell you something about that. in chronological order. why not. a couple of cases. and also and very important how do you learn along the way. first girlfriend was a basketball player. highschool, curvy...
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    Violet James

    i second the question
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    surprisingly caloric foods (and ways to make them even more caloric if you can think of it)

    a true fatty always knows the best ways. ssbbw should give advice on that. like... hot cakes with ice cream on top, or ice cream with crushed oreos, cereal with oreos, so many calories on that. pizza with some particular toppings. there is the gain.
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    So, I recently decided to embrace something that I was denying myself

    it is always a great thing to recognize our thing ! kudos for that. those are some nice drawing, personally i am into female gaining but i would be open to do some mutual gaining for sure
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    What if Doctors Moved Away From Weight Loss

    it sounds so clear for most of us here but i do not know why it has not been as such for a lot of doctors in the last few years. of course very case is different but you have to concede that just the fact of losing weight will not necessarily help to improve your overall health. so forget about...
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    A frank discussion

    i think this call for being blunt and serious. to leave all fantasies aside and be serious. i am not sure when is wls advisable but it does seems to me that some action must be taken. i thank you for the openness and frankness with which you discuss those issues and i think more should be said...
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    The Model or the Message?

    that is a good question... in this case i like the model. it is publicity yes but they have gone far enough. i love the message even do there are certain things that cannot be ignored. publicity aside, what is the best message to deliver to our young and not so young ladies? personally i would...