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    Fat Haircutter's Belly

    Indeed, I do. When I got home, however, my wife said it was the best looking haircut I've gotten in a long time. Go figure.
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    Fat Haircutter's Belly

    I had an experience today that many of you will appreciate. I got my haircut today at a Supercuts, and the young woman who cut it was about 5'6" and 240 lbs. As she was moving around on my hair, she pressed her belly (some front, and sometimes a bit of the underside) against my arms and...
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    Morning-after pill entirely ineffective for BBWs

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    New Onion Commentary

    Well, in the absence of responses, I'll say mine. I didn't find it funny, and that's a rarity. I imagine some people here would even find it downright offensive.
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    New Onion Commentary

    Considering this is satire,.... http://www.theonion.com/articles/2ndgrade-teacher-cant-believe-how-much-fatter-they,29253/ Curious as to this community's thoughts.
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    Stressed men drawn to heavy women

    I dunno. I've been under stress for the last twenty years, AND I've preferred larger women for the last twenty years. Hmmmm.... ;)
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    tube feeding poem (USSBBW, XWG, Tubefeeding, sex)

    my lover sits on her bed legs spread apart, thighs overladen spreading like waterballoons filled with fat. extended by waterballoons more pumped full than flowing attached and extended by feet encroached by calves overtaken cankles. all covered by a belly that floods down the bed well...
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    One Door Closes

    This is a great premise, a great story, and would be even better if she starts to pack on some major pounds. Please?
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    Swallowing Success (SSBBW, XXWG, Lesbian, Sex)

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I knew I was skipping a lot. I wanted to tell the basic story, and get to the superfat end, and really don't have as much time to devote to this writing as I'd like. Considering there are a couple of cringeful typos (deserts???--did I really write that? Such...
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    Devil's Bargain (Skinny to XXBBW, XXWG)

    Portions of this story inspired by the amazing work of StudioFA. http://studiofa.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=72#/d27fbp9
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    Devil's Bargain (Skinny to XXBBW, XXWG)

    They're asking me to put on another two hundred pounds for next year's photo shoot. The same arrangement as last year just bigger numbers. Like every year, I am tempted to say no, but the money is just too good, I think I'm getting used to being spoiled like this, and I don't know at the...
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    Swallowing Success (SSBBW, XXWG, Lesbian, Sex)

    huh, one thousand views. no comments. not sure what that means.
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    Swallowing Success (SSBBW, XXWG, Lesbian, Sex)

    "OK Tanya, I'll see you tonight at 5:30. You've got the clicker on your right arm roll, and your NetGloves should be all logged in to your favorite accounts. I left three gallons of pot roast, gravy, and potatoes in the entree tube, a gallon of pureed peaches in the fruit tube, and a gallon...
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    Loyal Royalty (SSBBW, Immobility, Force-feeding, ~XGW)

    Thank you, Irish Bard and Tarquin, for the votes of enjoyment, out of 2000 views. May I request that the mods edit the word "desirtes" to say "desires" please? Originally when I submitted it, it read "her one purpose in life is for my ____ing desires" and I guess I didn't know that there were...
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    great story.