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    Michelle's Rite of Passage - by November (~BBW. Eating, Imagery,Romance, ~SWG)

    Great to see an update! Definitely my favorite on theforum right now
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    Pinquefy Expose By Matt L.

    I look forward to seeing what's next
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    Not Drowning (~~WG, ~BBW, Magic, Eating, mild dom)

    I really like how it looks like you've put a lot of thought into developing a good plot with wonderful suspense. It's nice when a wg story is also a story, please continue!
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    Practical Joke - by Greinskyn (~BBW, Revenge, MWG)

    It's a really great story so far, I'd hate to see it just end here
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    Practical Joke - by Greinskyn (~BBW, Revenge, MWG)

    These are always my favorite types of stories, and the pace thusfar has been perfect
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    Joe's by Berry (~BBW, Magic, ~MWG)

    Five stars regardless of whether or not you decide to add more
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    A Change in Perspective - by Da Games Elite (~BBW, ~MWG, Magic)

    If you don't think anybody really cares if you continue this're wrong! lol this is really good so far
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    Times are Changing [Rewrite] (~BBW, XWG, Magic)

    I really hope it'll continue someday
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    Special Diet - by Karl (~BBW, Eating, ~SWL, ~SWG)

    Really hoping to see another installment soon!
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    Georgia - by O. Welles (~~WG, Both)

    So far I wouldn't have guessed this was your first story, definately would like to see more
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    lifestyle solidarity in the size acceptance movement

    I understand, and I probably came on far too strong to where my original intention(to foster a bit of tolerance) turned into a huge clash. It's definately a give-and-take kind of issue and I get that. In the end I just hope people in general can grow more accepting of others, but for the...
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    lifestyle solidarity in the size acceptance movement

    Oh, and thankyou mcbeth, that's precisely the point I was trying to make earlier. There are already parallels; in new york for instance higher taxes have been placed on sodas and several junk foods-the first thing to occur in the modern war on smoking was higher taxes on tobacco products...
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    lifestyle solidarity in the size acceptance movement

    Penguin, you're from australia. Australia has a nationwide indoor smoking ban. Are you so intolerant that people smoking outside offends you as well? Angel, not one death has ever been proven even semi-conclusively to be caused by secondhand smoke. All figures have been meaningless projections...
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    lifestyle solidarity in the size acceptance movement

    Hi everyone, In addition to being a supporter of fat acceptance, I am also a smoker, and active in the fight against the anti-smoking movement. I've always thought the two were very similar, with people made pariahs because of a lifestyle choice that is purely personal(Please don't bring up...