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    What is your weight right now?

    I'm 306#s. First time above 290 which was like 15yrs ago. Then was 265-285 until 2020 happened. The weight gain is the silver lining in the year :)
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    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    It's been forever. Like I've had a lifetime of events since I was last active. Would be crazy if anyone remembers me, I wasn't even that active when I lurked like daily 10-15, 20? yrs ago.
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    Borderline Personality Disorder?

    This is like a four year bump, but I was searching for an old post of mine on manic depression (bipolar) I made five years ago and just can't find it even searching just my posts. Oh well. When I was starting to get a full psych eval and even brain scans and all in 2009, Borderline and a lot of...
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    Post Your Hot or Cute Real Life Fatty Stories of Fatness

    ...and I didn't make it past the couch. I had gotten home after a long holiday journey. I was given a box of peppermint bark and just wanted to kick back on the couch, do some sweet snacking and catch the end of a ball game. I had put the hunk of p'mint bark I broke off onto a plate. I woke...
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    I remember when...........

    I remember when I worked in the field in which I earned my college degree; when people got a Christmas Bonus; when salary raises not only happened, but they were equal to or greater than the rise in cost-of-living; and lastly, the Pirates winning the World Series.
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    What is Your Favorite Song Referencing the End of the World?

    California Earthquake (lyrics by Rodney Crowell; as performed by The Grateful Dead) There was a California earthquake, in the year of '83 It shook the living daylights out of the Owens County Seat Not a building still left standing when the dust had cleared away Just a rumble in the distance...
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    Single and/or childless in your 30s

    My wife and I split up two years ago this month, due in large part to opposing stances regarding reproduction. There were other issues of course, but that was the biggie. Anyway, when the divorce issue naturally comes up in conversation, the reflex response of the person you are talking to is...
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    Goals Before We Hit 40....

    I'll be 39 in two weeks. I have a ton of external goals, high on the list is the Pirates maintaining their place in the NL standings for seven more weeks and getting into the playoffs for the first time since I was a college sophomore. But my internal goals, wow. My personal life the last two...
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    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    ..ittsburgh? On March 19? Yes, Virginia -It's 70+ degrees -Cherry blossoms are in full bloom (I did say March, right? b/c it's not May 19) -All windows in the apartment are open -A gate to the most beautiful park in the city is mere yards away -The forecast isn't expected to change all...
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    What did you buy today?

    Needed some wardrobe updates (shirts in particular) for daylight savings; after a mild Pittsburgh winter it already seems like spring, and more to the point, I'm going on a date Sunday night, which is the first one I've had in, well, let's just call it a while. Took me a while to narrow down...
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    Your First Internet BBW

    Apologies for digging up an older thread, I just stumbled upon it. Before I even knew what the Internet was, I remember seeing AnnMarie (and AJ) on a talk show hosted by Gordon Elliott. I wanna say around 1994? It's literally the day I became comfortable with my preference. I was going to...
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    Sharpening your knives.

    great thread! Can't agree more that Dull = dangerous & Sharp = safe I have a chef's choice diamond hone electric sharpener. Does the trick. I have a traditional stone, too, but it is hard to keep the angle consistent. My knives are old but I like 'em.
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    I was at a restaurant recently and had grit cakes with chorizo/cilantro gravy. I know that like 10% of the population lacks an enzyme and they taste cilantro as if it were metal. Anyway, the dish looked very easy to recreate at home. I'm guessing you cook grits with a little less water so...
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    2009-2010 NHL Thread. Any Hockey fans??

    Amazing how my birthplace team (Pittsburgh) loses to the team I grew up rooting for (Montreal) who now faces the team in the city where I've settled (Philadelphia) who just completed one of the most amazing comebacks in both series and game seven itself on the road ever. Apologies to B's fans...
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    What is your favorite Movie Villain?

    It ain't cool bein' a jive turkey so close to Thanksgivin'