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    The Ponderous Woman online comics

    For the most recently remastered PW post on my DeviantArt site, I had to make another new cover. I am really loving the chance to go back and draw these characters and scenes again. A part of my subconscious nags me that replacing it is kind of like "revisionist history," but I shrug it off...
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    The Ponderous Woman online comics

    Oops! I have been tardy in sharing updates. I am still "remastering" the PW stories from 20 years ago and posting them on Deviant Art (see the address in my sig). The lastest is a GOOD one, too - it's by a wonderful artist, and former Dimensions member, Biggie! Biggie (who is on DA as...
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    The Ponderous Woman online comics

    Summer is so busy, it's hard to find time to sketch! But I managed to get another issue of the Ponderous Woman remastered and up on my DeviantArt page (the link is in my signature). This one features another brand new cover drawing - it was so much fun to draw a super-sized Joey for this one! I...
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    Happy Canada Day!

    Tomorrow, July 1st, is Canada Day - so have a wonderful holiday, all of my fellow Canadians!
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    DazzAnn's excursion to the World of Art

    Soooo cute! :)
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    BHM Remote Control [SSBHM, Stuck, out of shape, Curvy BBW, teasing, ~sex]

    I love the story, and that you illustrated it too! ❤
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    The Ponderous Woman online comics

    I have recently started to "remaster" the "Bigger is Better" trilogy from the original PW comics - the first part in PW #9 has been posted at my Deviant Art page. While fixing and recolouring the artwork is a fair amount of effort, getting to draw new covers is a lot of fun! These 3 issues...
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    Gravity Girl! Online comic

    I had such fun drawing GG again after so many years... so I kept going. Here's one I call "Sucking It In." Have a great weekend everyone! Brenda
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    Gravity Girl! Online comic

    Hi everyone! In addition to my Ponderous Woman comic (which is in another thread here), I have also got around to re-mastering and re-posting the first issue of Gravity Girl - the first PW spin-off. You can see it here: at Deviant Art. The only truly new artwork with this comic is the cover...
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    The Ponderous Woman online comics

    Some time ago I did a comic that was for sale online (CafePress. I think?) called "the Ponderous Woman: Not As They Seem"... Earlier this year I dusted it off and it is available once again on - it was kind of my weird fattening-expansion-fetish take on the "Hansel & Gretel" tale...
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    The Ponderous Woman online comics

    The Ponderous Woman remasters keep coming... #8 required a fair bit of remediation as my line drawing back in 1999 wasn't very carefully done. This one got a brand new cover, too! I am currently diving into the Gravity Girl comic, which is going to be a bit of work, too. The nice thing is that...
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    Mechanical Equine Power Body & Weight Enlarger

    This is so weird, but for some reason I love it! Thank you for sharing!
  13. fatgirl33

    Plus Size TTC, Infertility, and Pregnancy

    Congrats! That is wonderful, thank you so much for sharing this story!
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    The Ponderous Woman online comics

    Oops, I am falling behind - I finished converting and updating a couple more issues of the old PW series. These ones cover the origin of the Truth Teller character! I also posted a new drawing of the Truth Teller this month. I am still just practicing with my tablet, and getting into the swing...