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    Not sure what I’m doing wrong

    Since serious FFA 's are in pretty short supply I'd think you'd be very much in demand. Although as said before ghosting seems to be a regular feature of most websites like this. Since I obviously have no idea what your conversations are like it's impossible to say whether it's you or them. I...
  2. fatluvinguy

    What happened here?

    A chat room would be helpful for sure. In regards to getting new members and former members like myself back is more complicated. Younger people have gravitated to the new kid on the block, feabie and have formed a bond with that site. They have little interest in having older folks like...
  3. fatluvinguy

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    I don't think I've been active here in over a decade. Seems like my prime here was about 15 to 20 years ago. I recognize a couple of names here, but that's about it.
  4. fatluvinguy

    What happened here?

    I have to admit I'm not around much anymore and haven't commented or posted anything in ages. I found Dimensions Magazine around that time, and it was certainly a revelation to know my attraction to BBW's wasn't some weird thing only I had. I guess I left when Conrad sold the website and most...
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    Fat shaming and Marilyn Monroe

    I think your closing statement is half right. I think their expectations of models shows their contempt for all women. Despite the fact they make their fortunes selling clothes to women I believe their actions show an underlying desire to create a sense of insecurity in all women. Otherwise...
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    CPAP - new user.....

    That's what I told my wife. I tried the liners and they were just a waste of money, so she fashioned one herself out of spare material and it seems to be working pretty good. Still needs some minor improvements, but I don't have issues with mask leaks and problems with marks on my nose have...
  7. fatluvinguy

    CPAP - new user.....

    I've been using a Bi-pap machine for the last 6 months now, and i'm in the category of being a slow adjuster, but I think to some extent after trying different masks and my own innovations i'm doing better. I'm curious about your comment about mouth breathing. The doctor and people i've...
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    Can you pick up women at a Chinese buffet?

    Don't forget the old adage:"no guts, no glory." As you acknowledge, what is off putting to one person may be flattering to another. While the chances of success seem remote, I've seen some guys with a little charisma and a lot of courage get a phone number when the rest of us were saying "no...
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    Feeder/feedee vids

    check out Youtube. type in feedee video's and you'll probably find one or two like that.
  10. fatluvinguy

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 2

    watched "Bullet to the Head" with sylvester Stallone last night. wasted a perfectly good saturday night. terrible movie.
  11. fatluvinguy

    big bellies

    to the last part of your comment, i can't speak for the rest of the country but here in wisconsin i've seen some pretty big women letting their bellies hang out. they definately are beyond the definition of chubby in my book.
  12. fatluvinguy

    big bellies

    that is a difficult question to answer Brianna, simply because we don't know you. the only thought i could offer would be to ask yourself why your always finding these type of men. perhaps for some reason, that even you do not understand you are drawn to these men, creating an endless cycle of...
  13. fatluvinguy

    big bellies

    there's probably something to what you say fat hiker. i've noticed these lovely gals are accompanied by boyfriends about half the time, especially the bigger girls. i think the comments are all very interesting and offer some answers. it's good to know i'm not the only one who finds this...
  14. fatluvinguy

    big bellies

    i haven't posted on the forums in a while, but i'm curious about one thing. in the last few years the low riding jeans have become quite popular with women and i'm certainly a fan. what amazes me is how many larger girls wear them, showing off their big bellies. i've seen some pretty...
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    the comment below the weight board title says it's not for the faint of heart. sometimes that is true though for the most part people are pretty nice. perhaps this room isn't the best place for you in terms of size acceptance. i think you might find the some of the other forums, not focused...