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    When did you realize what you liked, and what triggered it?

    I would have to name Charlotte’s Web as an early indicator as well, since I definitely felt weird when Templeton’s gain was read aloud in class. I think I was 7. Some of my earliest fantasies involved hugging chubby boys, thinking about it made me all tingly. But my first relationship as a teen...
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    What would a group of FFAs be called?

    A chubrub of FFAs
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    The BHM in Movies/TV series thread

    Can we talk about Josh Gad and James Corden? I just watched this skit and they ARE both charming, talented and attractive, no joke. Actually it makes me sad that it is supposed to be a joke that they are attractive. Here in the BHM/FFA boards obviously we’re salivating over guys like them...
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    Evolving Tastes

    I’ll fourth beards. I used to find them unappealing and now I prefer them! The one good thing about the Hobbit movies was that they cemented this change haha.
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    You know you are an FFa when.......?

    Dayum, I’d like to see what he could do with his ball-peen hammer!
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    BHM fashion question

    My BF is around your size and he wears suspenders with casual looks by layering: undershirt, then suspenders, then t-shirt + maybe a sweater, coat or button down, depending on the weather and the level of casualness. And pants obviously. He’s very determined to never let bare belly peep out (a...
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    Plus sized centric episodes or story elements in television or films.

    I am big time crushing on ólafur darri ólafsson in Trapped, which just happens to be a good detective show starring a genuine BHM.
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    BHM Trial by Fire - by Xyantha (BHM, WG, Explicit)

    I love this story, it’s such a great mix of sexy and sweet. I want the 10 volume fantasy series set in this world!
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    Wow, Where did it go?

    In my experience, it’s pretty fun for an ffa to hold back the pubic fat in order to get access to the full length (which is still there, just buried) and it’s still usable when erect, since fat squishes. Plus the fat pad makes a comfy pillow during bjs. Of course, people who aren’t fat admirers...
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    Weight Gain Tips for Skinny Guys

    Encourage him to keep being indulgent, to go for the extra helping, the 3 pm chocolate bar, the milkshake with his meal. Eventually he will overwhelm his metabolism, most likely! Although if you only have a few weeks, he could try incorporating a lot of heavy cream into his diet.
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    Should I consider gaining?

    I think a chubby guy who is comfortable with his body is probably more attractive than a heavier guy who hates his body, to me anyway. So if you’re going to put effort into something, I recommend loving yourself the way you are. Really only people who find weight gain to be its own reward...
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    BHM The Improved You

    Ahhhhh a reunion at last! I love this story!
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    You know you are an FFa when.......?

    When you watch Magic Mike and your only thought is “they are very talented dancers”
  14. Ffancy

    You know you are an FFa when.......?

    I believe that manga is called Mori No Takuma-san - there’s a link to it in the fine arts section of the library.
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    Not sure what I’m doing wrong

    Honestly I’ve had much better luck on regular dating sites, by messaging fat guys whose profiles are interesting to me. This drastically ups the odds that they are single, local and interested in a real connection. It does make finding a feedee or gainer more difficult, but lots of fat guys are...
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