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    The BBW within: my gf's weight gain journey

    Great story and she certainly carries her weight gain beautifully. I recognise all the stages of the fattening process - so similar to my wife but it took a lot longer in her case! She is a very pretty lady and shows surprisingly little weight gain around her face. Perhaps that will happen in...
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    Summer weight gain...possible BBW?

    Such an interesting story of weight gain (and loss) over the last few years. It is summer 2016 and a welcome would be really welcome! We can but hope!
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    Old Girlfriend, New Fat - by Swordfish (~BBW,~SWG, Romance)

    An excellent read. A real pleasure to revisit Swordfish's stories.
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    Marriage Weight Gain

    What a great thread. I have had a similar experience to Greg - we are married 30 years and after 3 kids she has gone from a petite 110 lbs to a big soft bellied 190 lbs. Now in her mid fifties she needs to wear a girdle to hold her wobbling girth together. I have put on a few pounds over the...
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    Eve Enters Paradise - by Swordfish (~BBW, ~SWG, Romance)

    Excellent as always. Great read. ;)
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    Vivienne's Fight for Life - by Swordfish (~BBW, Romance, ~SWG)

    Another good story Swordfish. Well written and a pleasure to read.:)