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    Are fat women more ticklish than average sized gals ?

    I'd enjoy you, Carmella
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    How fat is too fat to fly coach ?

    I'm 6" and 330, haven't flown in at least 10 + years, was probably like 250 or so then , and it sucked just going NY to Vegas, just being a mere 6" tall is enough to be uncomfortable, being fat compounds the situation ! I never want to fly again ! 1st class or 2 seats is prohibitively...
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    What is your weight right now?

    330 at 6' even
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    Where do you gain weight most?

    It goes straight to my waist, the traditional old male beer belly
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    What is your weight right now?

    24 stone1
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    Do you often feel conscious about the weight

    Airplanes and me don't mix well
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    Why women try so hard to be skinny is beyond me ?

    I don't find a woman with a tight firm belly to be sexy, at minimum skinny-fat and untoned, but I'll go for 80-160 lbs past a 25 BMI anyday 5' 5" tall, 25-55 yo,large breasted, ideally a natural redhead, large bum, thunder thighs, about 250 lbs, nice teeth and about 45 yo is perfect
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    Why women try so hard to be skinny is beyond me ?

    It's sad that is true, Larry ! Especially on TV, the weather girl is never fat, or anybody else on TV, except for the occasional Molly type girl from Mike & Molly, there are 200 skinny chicks for every Molly in Hollywood ! I want a real woman with a flabby tummy and lovehandles ! Down with...
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    Why women try so hard to be skinny is beyond me ?

    I appreciate the extreme efforts required for a gal to have a tight firm flat tummy The funny thing is most guys are fine with woman that is 20-40 lbs overweight,or a bit more ! Beyond you that most of the non-fat admirer group would likely startb to object at about 50-85 lbs past a 25 BMl...
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    What is your weight right now?

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    Thin privilege!!

    How about dating and coming on to fat dudes, become a chubby chaser As a fat guy, I always seem to wind up with the skinny chick somehow, when I would prefer an overweight or obese partner !
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    Trouble getting into booths in restaurants

    I'm in that same at 350 lbs, l can do do a booth if absolutely necessary, but is at the point of not being a good option with my waistline ( measured one minute ago) ay 58.75" standing at the navel and 63.5 " seated at the area 2" under the navel where you get that fupa stuff going down. I am...
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    Belly library (men/women)

    I love it when a woman sort of looks like she's pregnant but is just fat You aren't pregnant are you ?
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    Belly library (men/women)

    Perfect especially given the sizeable and very ample boobs
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    Belly library (men/women)

    I think you have a perfect body ! Your avatar photo in the skirt and orange bra is hot This is exactly the way a woman should look No man can complain about a woman being fat unless he has a 6-pack going on . Some men that are fit still prefer larger girls I'll take the girl with lovehandles...