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  • I believe so. He is getting a little bit of his man boobs back. Which makes me very happy. His belly is getting a little bigger. Pretty awesome though thankfully I would like him even if he was skinny.
    It will totally be my cooking that does it lol!! I will probably love it if he gains it back. His mom already told him at Easter he looks like he gained some weight.
    yeah thank God!! He isn't as big as he used to be. But there is still a belly to enjoy. If he happens to gain weight eating my cooking that is just a happy incident lol;)
    So you've found a bearded, fat bellied guy now? GREAT! I'm sure you'll enjoy playing with his belly, maybe fattening him up more!:eat1:
    I never really considered myself an FFA. I just had a thing for big guys. I never even knew what an FFA was. But yeah I do enjoy a belly on my man lol
    Hi. I see you have visited my profile. I'm a long time member here, but mostly just lurk and look at pics. I've always been a FA, loving big bellied women, and more recently have grown a fat belly of my own. I see that you're a FFA and love fat bellied guys.
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