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  1. freebird

    Need an editor for a few new stories

    Same here. If you need editorial help, im free. Just PM em to me.
  2. freebird

    looking for a story...sorry!

    yeah, i liked this one.
  3. freebird

    Woman Fattening or Force Feeding Men Stories?

    He's right. this kinda story is awesome. Shame there isn't more of them. Hint Hint...
  4. freebird

    Roomie to grow?

    Thats questionable. I have little faith in progress bars after ther VGcats one got stuck at 'tuesday' for a month. Geez, that man is terrible for deadlines.
  5. freebird

    Searching for a story(I know bloody well that I found it on Dimensions)

    I liked this story but the death during put me right off. too graphic for my liking... *shudders*
  6. freebird

    Force Feeding and Domination

    ill look forward to it. :D
  7. freebird

    Force Feeding and Domination

    thanks for those links JP. I've read them and they're great but my hunger for this kind of tale is insatiable. I challenge you all to find more of the same. Oh and if I dont respond its because my uni monitors my net usage in my halls of residence, so I can't be seen accessing 'teh naughty...
  8. freebird

    Is my girlfriend a feedee?

    perhaps but if i do talk to her about it and she really isnt into the whole thing, that could make it really really wierd. and i dont want that.
  9. freebird

    Force Feeding and Domination

    sweet, love to hear anything from you. A good bit o BBW XWG followed by Revenge BHM XWG is usually my favourite formula, but i'm open to most types
  10. freebird

    Is my girlfriend a feedee?

    Ok ill lay out the facts as I see them and you judge: - She was plump when I met her - When asked what my greatest turn on was, i said i enjoyed watching her eat (kinda a half truth) - Whenever I have snacks in my room and I offer them to her she never turns them down and eats with reckless...
  11. freebird

    Force Feeding and Domination

    Does anybody else enjoy these kind ogf stories as much as I do? Are there many out there and If so, where? I mean the author I know who does that kind of thing is JP (tip of the cap to you) anyone else out there?
  12. freebird

    1,2,3, Learn Japanese with me!

    Whoa Shikimaru! You know so much more Japanese than me! as i said i know little. You should be the one to be teaching this not me! Oh and as for german, i know a lot more of that. Ich Liebe Dich - I Love You (Ish Lee-b Dish) Kuch Mich - Kiss Me (Kush - Mish)
  13. freebird

    underwear check!

    dear god! you monster
  14. freebird

    1,2,3, Learn Japanese with me!

    Aww my teaching thread is vanishing into the twisting nether! Show some interest! you might just learn something! BASIC VERBS Ikemasu (Eek-E-Mass) - To go Wakarimasu (Wak-Ar-E-Mass) - To Understand Kaimasu (K-I-Mass) - To buy arukimasu (Ar-u-key-mass) - To Walk isogimasu (I-so-G-mass) - To...
  15. freebird

    The Thread for Random Insecurities

    insecurities? Oh i got loads; everyone has. Am I too fat? Am I ugly? Is my INSERT SEXUAL ORGAN the normal size? Do I stand out? Does he/she like him/her more than me? What's she/he thinking? and so on...