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  1. freedombigirl

    coming out stories

    Thankyou for your reply Mer, yeah would be good to chat more, I have hotmail and MSN. Until then, Good Luck with the essay! x
  2. freedombigirl

    coming out stories

    Mer, I can so relate to your coming out story... I finally came out to my mum when I was 17 (I had tried to tell her when I was 15 but she told me it was a phase), there was a girl from college that I liked (who turned out straight!) and I was talking to my mum about her and she confronted me...
  3. freedombigirl

    Supersizedom and being Queer

    I love big bellies....they're the best :eat2: just wish my girlfriend did...
  4. freedombigirl

    Supersizedom and being Queer

    I adore big women, especially ssbbw!
  5. freedombigirl

    Queer Films

    I have loads but I think my 3 faves would be...Go Fish, It's in the Water and Loving Annabelle.
  6. freedombigirl

    Reintroduce yourselves!

    Yeah am seeing quite a few people from the really cool.:)
  7. freedombigirl

    Reintroduce yourselves!

    Thanks Mergirl ;)
  8. freedombigirl

    Reintroduce yourselves!

    Hey! New to the LGBTQ board so gonna introduce myself..... Age: 26 Location: Peterborough, UK Gender: Female Orientation: Lesbian (went though a bi phase a while back hence username) and FFA Interests: Size acceptance, Internet, Work, Socialising, LGBT issues, reading, shopping...
  9. freedombigirl

    Advice please.....

    Thanks, I'm soo non-observant! Lol. Will check it out :)
  10. freedombigirl

    Advice please.....

    Thank you all for your replies and advice, I will talk to my girlfriend more soon. I guess I'm quite shy on these boards! Lol. Mergirl...the lqbtq do I find that?
  11. freedombigirl

    Advice please.....

    Hi, I haven't posted for a while and a lot has changed since I last did, I am in another relationship and have been for 6 months. I love my girlfriend but the other day she went to the doctors about something (not related to this) and she was advised to loose weight. We were...
  12. freedombigirl

    These pics turned out amazing, and I gained weight, haha.

    Lovin' your pics there :eat2:
  13. freedombigirl

    Top 3 famous BHM you would sleep with?

    Dunno about 3...but Jack Black for sure:eat2: And maybe Chris more into women though but love fat guys too!
  14. freedombigirl

    question for the FFA ladies...

    Slightly late...but yeah...Here!! LOL!
  15. freedombigirl

    What Are You EATING right now?

    Cheese & Onion crisps and drinking a vodka & coke.