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  1. furious styles

    good day, miss.

    good day, miss.
  2. furious styles

    when is she a ssbbw?

    don't mind me man, not an attack. just being a dick haha. but honestly, there is never going to be one definite point where 'ssbbw' begins. i think we should just appreciate human beings as individuals and maybe not reduce them to size specific abbreviations.
  3. furious styles

    I Am Struggling With Depression

    yeah, this. stay strong ss <3
  4. furious styles

    i want to star in a bromantic comedy with you, which will be called "chico and the man", which...

    i want to star in a bromantic comedy with you, which will be called "chico and the man", which will actually just be a reboot of the 70s sitcom chico and the man, wherein i will play chico and you play the man
  5. furious styles

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    me and my boo. we make sexy music together.
  6. furious styles

    when is she a ssbbw?

    the real question is - why do we care she's fat it's hot the end
  7. furious styles

    my dog .

    my dog .
  8. furious styles

    The Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B Thread

    yeah, this. some new old freshness: tross - record company people are shady L. the headtoucha - it's your life kuku productions (roc marciano) - the prophecy
  9. furious styles

    Pornography's place in Size Acceptance

    my knee jerk reaction to reading the thread title was that these things have almost nothing whatsoever to do with each other. in fact i was probably just going to gloss over it or post a one liner about non-sequiturs. that's still essentially how i feel about it but some further thought made me...
  10. furious styles

    Coming Out of FA Closet - Worse Experiences

    i've never really even had a bad experience with this shit. maybe people think i'll punch them in the neck if they talk mess.
  11. furious styles

    My Mad Fat Diary

    yeah i really love this show. haven't seen the last two eps yet tho.
  12. furious styles

    What is making you SAD right now...

    my life is a joke. i'm not good enough at the things i'm passionate about to turn them into a career. i suppose i just don't have the required level of ambition and drive it takes to succeed at anything these days. my depression is so frustrating to live with. all i really do is put a strain...
  13. furious styles

    unpopular opinions thread

    closer > unknown pleasures burial > untrue
  14. furious styles

    The Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B Thread

    dope .. that gil scott heron sample ... ^ some older boot camp clik .. just an example of 9th wonder's chop style, something i've always been really into, dude is untouchable at flipping a soul sample ..
  15. furious styles

    My Mad Fat Diary

    i thought it was really decent, and i don't like many tv shows. it was well done and felt realistic. the main character is easy to relate to. for someone with a history of mental health issues, anyway.