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  1. GabrielBR

    What is your weight right now?

    240 haviest ever.
  2. GabrielBR

    True Giant - by Dravenhawk (SSSBBW, Romance, Imagery. ~WG )

    Great story, you have to go on!:bow:
  3. GabrielBR

    Where are all the younger FA/BBW/BHM/FFA's at?

    I think 25 still young, then i am in as FA
  4. GabrielBR

    Picking UP BBWs

    The right way to do that is suport the weight with your legs, as a Judo practicer i usualy lift up guys with 240 pounds but with they trying not be lifted. If you lift wrong, with your back it could be hurt.
  5. GabrielBR

    First Date and Issues?

    You have the responsibility to make the conversation fluid, don't avoid that, a good advice is avoid the to personal subjects, like religion or politics, ask abouth her, what she like, music, party... try to make a conection betwen the subjects, when you had something in common show that to her...
  6. GabrielBR

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Hello to everyone Gabriel From Brazil 25 years old, accounting, teacher, and FA
  7. GabrielBR

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Red hair girls are the most dangerous. Really sexy looking!