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  1. Garfield

    BHM Food and sex - by Gogozou (~BHM, ~Sex, ~XWG

    I like it. What's the original language?
  2. Garfield

    BHM Gamer Boy (~BHM, Revenge, force feeding, dom)

    I like Your work very much, when will you post the next chapter?
  3. Garfield

    What kind of Weight Gain Stories do you like?

    skinny women feeding fat men...:wubu:
  4. Garfield

    Immobile Kristin - by Wantsufatter (BBW, Lesbian Sex, Feeding, ~XWG)

    Oh, I think, it would be better, she loses some weight, loses all her bodyfat and builds up some muscles from helping Kristin moving around.
  5. Garfield

    Scientific Proof that BHM Prefer Thin Women

    I prefer thin FFA, the thinner, the better ... sorry :blush:
  6. Garfield

    location, location...

    Deutschland - Germany, Hannover
  7. Garfield

    Definite FFAs in movies and TV

    She is wunderful...
  8. Garfield

    Kinkykitten and Von_Pudge - BHM & FFA Couple Photo Thread!

    Au Mann, muss Liebe schön sein... Much luck for You both
  9. Garfield

    Fairytale romance, True love, or Raw animal sex?

    Fairy tales I rather read. And for raw animal sex I am not animal enough. But true love I need like the air to breath...
  10. Garfield

    Your Top 3 Favorite FFA/BHM Fantasies

    Nice idea...
  11. Garfield

    FFA Roll Call?

    10 years later? You learned it at school? It seems, You learned very good.:)
  12. Garfield

    FFA Roll Call?

    Kann es sein, dass Du einfach nur Männer liebst??? ;)
  13. Garfield

    Could it be - a BHM/FFA romcom?

    I hope so, it would be a dream...
  14. Garfield

    Where to meet...

    Here is one - in Germany...
  15. Garfield

    FFA Roll Call?

    Hi, I'm a BHM from Germany. Is there a FFA/female Feeder from Germany? Es wäre schön, Dich kennenzulernen.