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    KiK - Cool kids Only

    Mine is "m8p8h". Anybody that wants to chat, feel free to say hello.
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    Any Other BHM's trying to lose weight?

    I saw this thread and wanted to chime in. I'm working on loosing a bit of weight as well. I've always been a stocky guy and I have no plans to be skinny, but I'd like to lose a few pounds and get into better, healthier shape. Discussing loosing weight on Dims can dangerous sometimes lol but it's...
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    2014 Singles Thread

    I'd just be happy with some cupholders ;)
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    2014 Singles Thread

    *Test sits a couple chairs before finally finding the right one* There we go! I feel I'll be here awhile so I wanted to make sure I had a comfy seat. One thing I learned this year is that while I am single, I am never alone. After all, looking around this thread and 2013's, I see that I am in...
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    Bored to Death results in Boyfriend Application.

    You haven't gotten any promising replies?
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    Merry Christmas Dims!

    I glanced around and didn't see a thread so I figured why not start one. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and wish a Happy Holidays to all of you! May your holidays be full of good times, with good people, and good food ;) lol
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    Horny Meter

    *taps gauge with finger several times, attempting to get a reading to no avail* Well, maxed out the meter again.
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    2013 Singles Palooza

    I'm game as well
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    2013 Singles Palooza

    Offer still open? ;) Still quite single. Been busy with work and school though lately so it hasn't been too bad. Need someone to kiss on New Years night though.
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Try again... This one is fairly recent. Finally got a haircut
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Recent...ish lol.
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    I actually have no clue what to be for halloween. I have a friend throwing a party so I have to dress up. Any suggestions? Let's see how creative you all are ;)
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    One Completely Random Sentence...

    Extra mayo, hold the lettuce.
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    Dims Crushes

    That just made my stressful day a little more awesome :) Hmm appears we have a few in common too.... ;)
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    2013 Singles Palooza

    Mine aren't sexy per se but they are functional and ok looking. Then again, does the wrapping paper make the present inside any less desireable? Lol I'm a boxerbrief kinda guy. It's good having that lil extra support. Especially in jeans since boxers bunch up all the time.