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    My gaining thread.

    *raises hand* count me in. Unless that's her SO... and I wouldn't want my SO on here saying that even if he was into it. Also he keeps misspelling "sensual". :mad:
  2. GutsGirl


    Hi, Maybe this blog, Living 400 Pounds might be useful to those, like Jayne, who need strength-building exercises for their legs and core muscles. It has a lot of exercises and exercise tips, with really helpful links to GIFs that show how the exercise movements work. :)
  3. GutsGirl

    Wow, Where did it go?

    Dude, if you've got that much to spare I don't think you'll have any problems... ;)
  4. GutsGirl

    Dating a Thin Girl?

    To some people, FAs and non-FAs alike, weight doesn't matter. To some, it does. If it doesn't, then a person could likely be very happy with a partner who is fat or thin. If it does matter, then I think it's dishonest and unethical to continue the relationship under a false pretense of...
  5. GutsGirl

    Hairy Chest or No?

    I love dark, abundant body hair on a guy - wherever! (Yep, even on the back and ass!) A man doesn't have to have hair to be attractive to me, but it definitely helps, and my boyfriend has the softest body hair I've ever felt. Especially on his forearms and upper belly (above his bellybutton)...
  6. GutsGirl

    ' Small ' Moves...BIG Deal!

    I work for a 98-year-old woman part-time. I mainly type for her on a computer, as she is nearly blind and cannot see anything on the screen, but I've been doing some housework for her as well, lately. Today I filed some things for her in her filing cabinets (more work than it seems at first...
  7. GutsGirl

    Men & Women: Platonic Friendships?

    I think it's possible. When I was going through my first major in community college, I had guy friends who never showed romantic interest in me, and I never showed any to them. They were just friendship relationships. I had a couple crushes on a couple of guys who were in the same curriculum...
  8. GutsGirl

    My very first encounter with a FA (kind of long)

    Add me to the list of people who hope he calls! :) If he is very, very interested and determined, though, I think he will... my boyfriend is a rather shy person, but he was the one who first approached me when his interest was piqued, who asked for my email address (better than a telephone...
  9. GutsGirl

    'Why Are Fat People Abused'

    Is this person still your friend? 'Cause, wow, either he's just really, really honest with you to the point of risking the friendship (which is perhaps a really good thing), or not a very good friend at all. I don't know you or the guy in question, so I can't say which it is.
  10. GutsGirl

    Overweight women shouldn't get pregnant according to this.

    Another "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario. I guess in this case, the only solution is for fat people to stop existing, period. :rolleyes:
  11. GutsGirl

    Woman assaulted on train in UK for being fat

    I would suspect it is because people generally don't think of women -- especially two strangers who have never had any prior altercation before -- as usually being so physically violent to other women or to people in general, especially in public. Honestly, it is a bit surprising to me, too. I...
  12. GutsGirl

    Woman assaulted on train in UK for being fat

    I honestly wouldn't say that your mom is 'nice' to your girlfriends, then. Personally, I utterly despise it when people are nice to my face, but then talk disparagingly about me behind my back. The only 'friend' they would be to me would be a false friend. Who you are sexually attracted to...
  13. GutsGirl

    Health Care Reform Targeting Obese & Smokers?

    I see what you are saying, but one of the things that makes me uneasy about the idea of universal health care here in America is the lessening of personal privacy it seems it will entail. Personally, I do not think it is the government's business to know what I weigh, how much I exercise...
  14. GutsGirl

    Article: Larger models 'spark fashion row'

    ...And if it was, I'm sure there'd be just as much objectification. Ummm, no. Not all women. Some have very few curves. Some have almost none! The whole REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES meme is nothing more than a glorified marketing campaign, anyway. Some women have a lot of curves, some have less...
  15. GutsGirl

    Article: Larger models 'spark fashion row'

    Is it just me, or does the phrase "human coat hanger" strike me as disrespectful, at least in the way some have used it here? For some it seems to not just be a description of how the clothes are draped or arranged on these girls, but a term of derision. Perhaps I am too sensitive, but I...
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