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    Apples or Pears, Tits or Ass

    I think when I was young I used my love of big huge boobies as a justification for being a FA. I would often say, "Skinny girls don't have tits the size of your head." Then I met a pear that was an awesome person and I got really into that. Big thick thighs, big soft ass, wide hips, I loved it...
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    Getting to the bottom of Fat Admiration

    The first Playboy I ever saw had Anna Nicole Smith as the centerfold. (I think I was maybe 12) I remember realizing how much bigger she was, in every way, than the other dozens of cookie-cutter models in that issue. She looked so beautiful and soft, I would have given anything just to to hug...
  3. Hamdinger

    FA are sexist?

    I've thought about this and here's my question; Is it sexist to be a FA/FFA who isn't fat? At least more so than fat on fat or thin on thin relationships? I want to be as muscular and defined as I can be, because that's masculine to me. It helps to know that my wife also likes that. I like my...
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    What do y'all think of this?

    My farmer-German is a little rusty, but I'm pretty sure that song's about being disgusted with yourself. :(
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    The dangers of fat acceptance

    I did see a commercial the other day for a weight gain product. It was to help skinny men pack on muscle and women get "womanly curves." They even had testimonials from people who used to be skinny. It's a drop in the bucket compared to all the weight loss crap out there but at least there's...
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    pulling a pig

    Let me start by saying I don't endorse violence as a debate tool, and I certainly don't endorse trying to fight bouncers, but Jimmy Beam is an instigating son of a bitch. There are very few things that would make me physically confront someone in public. A guy playing fat girl rodeo wouldn't...
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    i think i posted this in the wrong forem at first

    Start small. Tell one person you're close with. The better that goes the easier it will be next time. People will ask you weird questions about it, like why you like fat women, have you ever liked anyone who wasn't fat, goofy stuff like that. If they know you really well they may not be...
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    i think i posted this in the wrong forem at first

    This is true, and there is a lot of distance from "thick" to SSBBW. I can say that as a FA that was "in the closet" for most of my teens and 20s, sometimes we hide behind love for body parts. I used to say, "I love big boobs, and you don't find those on a skinny girl." It would just so happen...
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    Where is your favourite fat area

    I like it all, but I'm glad I'm not the only person to notice this. I love to feel that swollen softness down there on a big woman.
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    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    When you stop talking mid-sentence because you notice your girlfriend's belly hanging out from under the bottom of her shirt. When your girlfriend has to tell you to stop playing with her fat because she's trying to do something. When you see the SSBBW at your office walking by in a skirt...
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    Guidelines for FA's

    Wow. I'm really new to the site and (kinda) to being a FA, but just reading that makes me feel the way a Cubs fan would feel if they won the world series. :D
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    Joan Rivers gets publicly destroyed for telling fat jokes on TV!

    Good stuff. Fight jokes with jokes as it were. As mad as it makes me to hear anyone make fun of someones size, I find you win more people over with a clever comeback that shows the ridiculousness of their belief than just yelling at them for being awful.
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    i think i posted this in the wrong forem at first

    To start with, I gotta say it. Is being a FA that much weirder or harder than being a Brony? Because I've met a few FAs or people who aren't FA but understand it, and I've never met a Brony irl. That being said... I think the biggest thing for me was finding out how many people I know are FA...
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    FA/FFA Roll Call - de-lurk and/or introduce yourself here!

    Name: Brett Age: 34 Location: Illinois Likes: PS3, MMA (I used to train Muay-Thai, now I just watch UFC and K-1), watching weird movies like the kind of stuff Sy-Fy channel has on at 2am, spending a Sunday cooking out on the grill and laying on the couch watching football or Nascar. I'm...
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    The dangers of fat acceptance

    Someone pointed out to me once how much money there is to be made from shame. Think of all things from toothpaste to plastic surgery that are marketed by convincing people there is something wrong with them. Your teeth aren't white enough, your skin is too dry, etc. If someone offers advice...