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    "I Love Those Guys that Love Bellies" appreciation thread

    Runnerman - I commend you for your taste (which we share!) and for your wonderful descriptive prose.
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    How do you drink your coffee... or tea?

    And don't you DARE flag me with 'In Remembrance' tags!
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    How do you drink your coffee... or tea?

    Hi Ho! It's old Ho Ho. Coffee - I like mine Finnish style, where you drink the top of the cup and chew the bottom. I see some other interesting delivery techniques - Dr Feelgood's direct injection - but I think those grounds at the bottom of the cup would plug up the catheter. Anal suppository...
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    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    Hi Y'all! I just ducked in, briefly, to find some comments I made years ago re: The Liebersons and the Neruda Songs. Still there, along with many other related comments. I may be back but, at age 83, no promises. Meanwhile, my best to all of you. Ho Ho Tai (aka Hoo Hoo Tai, Jokester, Punster)
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    Tad - I have four bikes (including the step-through). I had several others, now in the posession of my grandchidren. My wife has just one - the Raleigh C-200 we bought 30 years ago, when we married. I've shrunk a bit as I have aged and have had to modify my bikes, or buy new ones, in accordance...
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    Sue (i.e. TallFatSue) This reply is totally out of context but I haven't logged into Dimensions recently and don't know the protocol to contact you directly. This attempt to contact you is motivated by a post that An(gel) saw on Dave Stybr's newsletter (maestrodjs) - lengthy, articulate...
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    Christmas gifts

    Dimensions friends: I'm copying this from an e-mail I just sent out. May it be of interest or use to you. Friends - We are members of The Museum of Russian Art (and music, lectures, and gifts). I'm sure that all, or most, of you have seen these iconic nesting dolls before. They are...
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    Marriage by the Numbers

    It's been ten years since I read or posted to this thread. I should have been in bed hours ago (as Mrs Ho Ho, gently but firmly, just pointed out). I landed here while looking for an old "how we met" story (ours!) The magic date of November 25th, 1990 was, for us, our 'Day of Knowing" our what...
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    What do you like about the previous poster? PART 2!

    Angel - I've never posted to a thread like this because I'm afraid I'd bring it to a screeching halt - but I'll try. My wife (Mrs Ho Ho) is an Angel too. I've been doing a bit of research. Did you know that, until an Angel is promoted to senior status, he/she is permitted only one lie (though...
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    Cat Nordling Oake !

    Thanks Ned, and Conrad. We live in the Twin Cities but, somehow, I missed both this thread and the obit. Cat - the dynamic, irrepressible, irreplaceable Cat! I was fortunate enough to meet her - once - years ago, probably at one of her Game Nights. It may have been at Black Bear Crossing. We...
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    Watch This Poet's Perfect Response To a Guy She Met On Tinder

    Whatever her size, she is clearly not big enough to contain her heart. I think I'm falling in love. Good thing I'm spoken for!
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    The daily excercise report thread!!

    I have had a V-P shunt for 22 years, which controls the build-up of cerebro-spinal fluid. Yesterday was one of the periodic reviews of the shunt. Among other things, the doctor administered a simple office-based strength test of shoulders, arms and legs. She knew that Mrs Ho Ho and I had...