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    Peapod (and other grocery delivery services)

    I have been using Peapod for some time now and I like it a LOT but it could use a little tweaking. I agree with Berna in that I get the best foods for me because I feel a little guilty filling my cart with cookies and candy while I am shopping online. I guess because there is some time to...
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    This is a copy of a thread started in the WEST forum. Thanks to Aris, I am reposting so as many people as possible will see it and come to the meeting. I am sorry that so many of you can't make it because you are arriving later. I had to decide if we should wait for more or make sure the...
  3. Honey

    Cinda--Some very sad news

    Rainy, Thank you for taking up the cause of finding what happened to Cinda when I just couldn't. I just did not have the courage to go on and find out what you did. I will never forgive myself. She was such a wonderful person. I truly loved her heart and her soul. I remember how I first...
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    Please Pray for Moniquessbbw

    I pray for your continued healing, Monique. I am glad you came here to your online family. You are never alone ...
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    Hey Honey...

    Honey loves honey... one guess how she got her name. Nope, not because she loves it, but because she is thick and sweet!
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    Lunch with ThatFatGirl & Formerking and...more!

    I am so glad you guys had a good time - it seems the Skylark just breeds fun! Just sorry I couldn't join you. Maybe next time...
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    Need new foundation! Help!!!

    I use a cream to powder foundation. I find the cheaper ones are almost as good or better than the expensive ones. My favorite is Max Factor. Had been using Clinique and Mac but did not like either of those. For $7 it is worth a try... Hope this helps.