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    Dimensions.com BLACKLISTED

    this is a big issue - yes?
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    BBW Cecilia's Deal (magic, WG)

    continue on sir! id
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    Yay!! I'm Back To My Fattening Ways lol

    and your ass is monumental! id
  4. idtentional

    Snack Disposal (~SSBBW, ElfWG)

    and terrific writing - thanks!
  5. idtentional

    Divinity Cake - by LinathSuru (~BBW, ~FA, Erotica, Eating, Feeding ~XWG)

    An intriguing, well written story - thanks!
  6. idtentional

    Stages of Love - by tacofive (~BBW, ~XWG, Feeding)

    Well written, well thought out, excellent character development. Please continue.
  7. idtentional

    Julie’s Inner Conflict - by elroycohen (~BBW, ~WG, Feeding)

    all in all very nicely done. Looking forward to the next installment. id
  8. idtentional

    A Strange Turn of Events - by lordsofsevenhall (~BBW, ~~WG, Eating)

    continue on - a refreshing piece compared to so many of the stories in this collection
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    Your skinniest and fattest pics - Part 2!

    How would that 18 year old have felt if she had seen the now picture of you? Would your hair have caught fire?
  10. idtentional

    The Mr. Night Chronicles: The Ring - Prologue - by Toby115 (~BBW, ~~WG, Magic)

    Thank you for a story with some heft to it and some very good writing
  11. idtentional

    Ding Dong.....Names?

    pocket weasel lizard johnson meat puppet love sausage dong texas tooth pick and vlad the impaler
  12. idtentional

    The Gym by Berry (~BBW, Magic, ~MWG)

    continue with this fine story!
  13. idtentional

    Is wanking sex?

    it's all in your head.