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    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    This was shot in a small Baja South town named Mulege Baja. So nice and so wonderful Hugs to all!
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    Check my Art Stuff...
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    Photos on dating sites

    I don't mean that...don't be that silly! You should agree everybody into dating sites want to get a general overall idea about the other person...unless they're martians...
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    Photos on dating sites

    Is OK to try to hide what they consider not attractive...on regular dating sites. I have belonged to dating sites for BBWs and their admirers...but is same thing: They hide their body shapes..they hide their arms... Don't they realize guys into BBW dating sites want all of that?:confused:
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    Has There Ever Been a FA/BBW Couple Pic Thread?

    My cheers to that guy!...Usually all good looking, model-type men like him follow the mainstream ways on "loving" the average slender women, so I found him to be a great man that should be applauded for his honestity and pride. All big girl lovers should stand proud like him and come out the...
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    Best BBW beaches in Mexico

    I suggest you forget about the mainstream beaches devoted only to rich people like Vallarta, Cabos, Acapulco or Cancun. As a longtime home owner in San Felipe Baja in Mexico I do recommend this town of some 15-20,000 souls. A small fishing village located some 2 hours south of CA USA. I have...
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    Huge Thighs?

    WOW!....MY KIND OF LEGS!...LEMME DO A FREE DRAWING FOR YOU!...CHECK ME AT: THANKS! MANUEL BARRANCOS New and improved art site coming soon!
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    Huge Thighs?

    Im a video producer that is specialized in sexy videos of very big legged women. Here's a sample of what I consider Big Thighs... Happy 2009! Manuel Barrancos.
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    BBW Art?

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    BBW Art?

    Check some samples of my stuff...Most of these were published on Big Butt and Plump & Pink magazines...
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    what do guys want to see in pictures of bbws

    I am and always have been a big legs lover...To me...focusing on legs is my thing....Im not into very huge bellies, nor on feeding fantasies...I am a straight fat legs lover....So get some heels and have the photographer be on floor level, so the lens is even with your legs...And take a...
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    Concerning large upper arms...

    WOW!!!!!....Beautiful!!!!...Check my drawings:
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    Concerning large upper arms...

    WOW!!!!....Just amazing!!!!! Check my drawings:
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    Concerning large upper arms... a man always loving BBWS....I have always loved your kind of arms...I can kiss 'em for ages...I agree with the guy's poem...I am a true BBW lover, never a closet one....Maybe someday you could let me do a nice drawing...Check myspace page for some samples of my work...