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    Asperger's Syndrome and FA-dom

    I'm Aspie. I have a strong, pretty much exclusive attraction to bbw/ssbbws. Even since my earliest sexual development. I need the heavy pressure and feedback a heavy partner gives. I also need to never run out of things to touch. To me they seem cuddlier, and kinder in the way they present...
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    Starting to gain, looking for advice, support

    Hi, bit of a lurker here. Joined a couple of years ago, but have been pretty quiet. Sorry if this mirrors my thread on the weight board, but I think this is a better place for it. Anyhow, what I hope was my last diet ended a couple of months ago. I lost about twenty five pounds and felt...
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    Start of something big?

    Okay, lurker here (see join date!) I'm pleased to finally meet you all, and am coming out! Hi all, probably heard this one before... I started a diet around the beginning of the year telling myself this time was going to be different! I actually did loose about twenty five pounds, in the...
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    What's your shirt size?

    I'm around 270 and wear 3x, but as I've gotten bigger my shorts keep riding lower, and my shirts are always too short exp in the back. I've got plenty of room in my 3x's but I need longer shirts. Advice?
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