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    The Seduction

    The lack of sheets is odd, but I have to confess it wouldn't give me more than just a half-second's pause.
  2. Isla620

    Welcome back

    Welcome back, rabbit. I'm back after a several-month hiatus too, so it must be the season.
  3. Isla620

    Top 3 famous BHM you would sleep with?

    Damnit. Simon Monjack died, so now I gotta redo my list. 1. Jorge Garcia (so adorable with that tiny girlfriend) 2. James Corden 3. Jonah Hill
  4. Isla620

    Why are there so few FFAs?

    Nice to see her rooting for you. With sisters like that, who needs enemies?
  5. Isla620

    Happy 21st Miss MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Happy Birthday, Mary! I hope you have tons of fun tonight. :)
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    I hate losing a BHM

    In my internet wanderings today I came across the morgue photo of the still-unidentified man who jumped to his death from the back of the Staten Island ferry in early January of 2009. He was a BHM. Or at least my definition of a BHM. Plump cheeks, marvelous chubby neck and double-chin. The...
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    BHM in literature

    I've just finished reading "Me and the Fat Man" by Julie Myerson. It has lots of titillating description of the passionate affair between the narrator and a BHM (if you can get past the tragic, heart-rending plot twists). There's one fantastic passage where the narrator's estranged husband...
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    Guess the song from the Lyrics!!

    *flashback to high school* :eek: These Are Days - 10,000 Maniacs When I die I don't want no part of heaven I would not do heaven's work well I pray the devil comes and takes me To stand in the fiery furnaces of hell
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    I'm like a guy

    There ARE differences, though, and I don't think they can be completely ignored. The latest stats I've seen are that 54% of men report that they think about sex every day or several times a day, while only 19% of women report the same.* A high sex drive in a woman is normal, certainly, but it is...
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    What cuisine would you have...

    Breakfast - German. Creamy yogurt ladled over muesli, cold cuts and cheeses, fresh-baked brotchen, and some seasonal fruit. I like the variety of textures and flavors to start the day off with, and it provides lots of energy to carry you through until lunch. Lunch - Italian. Pizza margherita or...
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    Always attracted to the larger guys?

    For me, the attraction coincided almost exactly with the onset of puberty (age 9), but it took until adulthood to recognize it as a sexual preference.
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    Top 3 famous BHM you would sleep with?

    1. Simon Monjack. I'd happily volunteer to "console" him in his time of grief. 2. Kotooshu (Bulgarian sumo wrestler), if he had just a little more weight on him. 3. Ron Lester, pre-WLS.
  13. Isla620

    I'm like a guy

    Yes, absolutely. Guilty on all counts. I mentally undress pretty much every BHM I see. If I was an extrovert instead of the introvert I am, I might be downright predatory. I've even used the same phrasing about feeling/acting "like a guy" to describe it.
  14. Isla620

    Cast Iron Cooking

    This worked like a charm yesterday! Thank you! :D
  15. Isla620

    Kevin Smith Ejected From Southwest Airlines

    Rather than kicking him off, they should have asked for volunteers to sit next to him. Surely there was at least one closet FFA on that flight. I know I would totally jump at the chance to be squished by Kevin Smith for a couple hours.