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    The thread for random single confessions!

    I confess, I have really come to hate this see ya.
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    Jeez, I'm sorry i forgot i was an idiot. There is a more fuzzy line than simple dictionary definitions. Objectification does involve how the objectified takes it to some degree. I for one choose to take being taken as a no name piece of meat as fun. Simple no strings no conversation fun...
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    Ill fess up, I've loved it. After so many years of being looked at with revulsion and starting to date FFA's was awesome. I love that glazed in their eyes when you pull off your shirt and you see shock, wanton lust, overwhelming need...watching the in-experienced ones reaching out...
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    Do you ever get upset people call you fat?

    No, not anymore. For the most part I tend to just make people feel stupid for pointing out something that I have been aware for quite some time, thank you. Words tend to have only the power you give them. I have chosen not to let the word 'fat' be a bad word. It's an adjective, one that...
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    How about Some Eyes? Eye Photos

    I'll play...
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    "Why do you visit this board?" and other questions.

    Honestly....not really sure anymore.
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    Size issues... :(

    You are, as always, incredibly kind! I can always count on you to make sure i feel good about myself :)
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    Size issues... :(

    Well since everyone seems to be talking about my penis I suppose I should chime in. Assuming all the plumbing works, then Melian's rather pleasant imagery is an excellent starting place. Thanks you Melian for that...*uhem* Yes, I for one love to have the fat pad played with! I find it a...
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    BHM/FFA Fantasy film thread

    You always make me feel good Tell you what, you find a producer, I'll help you write it and I'll come out of retirement and do it. I'll even pay up my Screen Actors Guild dues lol
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    BHM/FFA Fantasy film thread

    Ok thats a movie i would come out of retirement to be in
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    The thread for random single confessions!

    Got's to agree with the lady...but that would probably be obvious
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    Dayum! Would that I had been at that party. Now I wish i had dressed up for Halloween just so I could return a photo in kind...instead I shall rep you.
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    What's your shirt size?

    I have gone to Torre, got a decent Suite coat from them. That being said i get more junk mail from them than I know what to do with!
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    What's your shirt size?

    Wear a 7xl or 22 neck/31 sleeve i think is the length. I go to BT Direct or Westport Big and Tall. Both on line. Also King Size direct online as well. Depends on how much I want to spend really. Westport Big and Tall is pricey but has really quality stuff (best quality underwear by the...
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    Is it easy being a FFA?

    yeah...this deserves rep.