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    BHM Affinity [Former BHM to Current BHM]

    Great story! I'm really enjoying it so far.
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    Easiest job to gain weight

    oh there are definitely some FFAs working at truck stop restaurants. They have a different twinkle in their eyes when they're waiting on the big bellies.
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    BBW Something's Gotta Give - by StrugglingWriter (~BBW, ~XWG)

    It's running on the author's deviantArt page. adddeviantart User Profile | DeviantArt
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    Easiest job to gain weight

    That could easily be me in a couple years if I keep driving. I think I'd have a similar shape.
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    Your skinniest and fattest pics - Part 2!

    You're so pretty!
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    BHM Styles

    Thank you Ffancy!
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    In a perfect utopia, how big would you be?

    If it's Utopia, then big enough so I can stand in a doorway and my butt is against one side of the doorjamb and my belly is against the other side.
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    Easiest job to gain weight

    Definitely driving a truck. I'm starting to not recognize my reflection.
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    Asking this every once in a while....

    To go from super skinny to XWG you're talking about a long yarn. Realistically it takes years to get there. My ongoing tale called Belle of the Drive In is one such story. It begins when the couple meets, both are very thin, about 115 each. It's more about a mostly realistic life of a young...
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    Belly library (men/women)

    Yes, definitely do it!
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    BHM Private Practice

    Corey! I'm so glad to see you back again!
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    What is your weight right now?

    Hovering just over 260 atm.
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    BHM Uncaged Desire (BHM - XWG, Fantasy)

    Oh. My. Goodness.
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    Off brand stories

    Can't wait to read it!
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    Belly library (men/women)

    I put this in the skinniest fattest thread but it might belong here too.