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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Red Reddington apprehends the Hamburglar in Boston.
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    some alternatives... none serious... :p Fat Lady Enthusiast (FLE) Weight Worshipper (WW) Fatty Fanatic (FF)
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    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 2

    I just fired up an old save this week. I'm going to chase down that last achievement of killing a legendary dragon. Hardcore.:)
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    the bigger the girlfriend, the less tolerant everyone is?

    There have been times where I have experienced similar pressures in the past and it annoyed me on a couple of levels. 1. It speaks to the idea of a woman's autonomy being overruled by the male gaze, and as such it is my role as a man to use that gaze critically to bring a woman 'back into line'...
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    I've lived here for 3 years but it takes a visitor from Texas to get me to go on the London eye...
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    What's her reason?

    I've been in a similar situation. The lesson I learned for the future was that if someone flirts with you while with someone else and then eventually ends up with you, then the precedent has been set and if/when the cycle repeats then you'll feel like an idiot for not having foreseen it...
  7. James

    Stressed men drawn to heavy women

    Swami and Tovée worked on another study looking at weight preferences and ranges a few years back. They concluded that the men that stated a preference for large women found a wider weight range to be aesthetically appealing than those that did not. I'm not sure what their bias/motivation in...
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    Stressed men drawn to heavy women So what do you all make of this? I think that while it isn't true for me (i.e. when stress-free, I am still drawn to larger women) there might be something to this. The researchers are legit and have credibility in their work in...
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    Individual choice and the legitimacy of discrimination

    There are many ways to live a life, many choices we can make and many things over which we have no agency. Over my adult life time (say the last 10-15 years) I've observed social change across society (UK) whereby the attitude toward 'other' states of being (relatively speaking) has changed...
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    2012 Singles Thread

    checking in...
  11. James

    Bizarre Magazine UK

    I thought this was a pretty decent magazine section. The article is written with enthusiasm - as is the general wont of Bizarre who regularly celebrate far more transgressive subcultures and practices than these.
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    Finding a wide range of sizes attractive?

    In principle, I definitely agree with this but I also think that the inverse is at least equally true in most (if not the vast majority of) FA cases. Having a sexual attraction for a particular aesthetic can interfere with happiness but equally so can persuing a relationship where it is absent...
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    Finding a wide range of sizes attractive?

    Saw this on jezebel today - and granted, while the subject matter of sex on first dates is not exactly the same as I what I was referring to in my earlier post, their quote from the associated study rang a bell;
  14. James

    Finding a wide range of sizes attractive?

    A sage friend had some thoughts on this topic that I am inclined to agree with. First up, I don't think there is any obligation to date people of a particular size and I think many FAs (and non-FAs) do experience genuine attractions toward people that aren't physically their type. I think that...
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    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 2

    as a big fan of KOTOR, I've been giving The Old Republic a good go of late and I'm enjoying my Jedi Consular story (couldn't help it - I'm a sucker for 'noble' characters). Are there any dims players out there?