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    Saying Hi and My Plan

    Hey Casey, Great job on the start you are having. The most important thing is to enjoy the journey and feeling content in your own skin. On the info you were looking for, I might be able to help you. I'm not 100% sure how accurate these materials are but they are advertised as self-help...
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    Ricky and His Odd Series of Coincidences - by elroycohen (~BBW, ~~WG)

    Remarkable read, you always seem to write fantastic fables and this is another tantalizing tale. You are a awesome author and one I wish we had more of on the board. Keep up the marvelous literary labor!
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    Is anyone into that type of thing? Anyone know of any good sites that talk about it I remember that there was a group on MSN that had quite a few topics on it and one in particular where the poster had stitched two shirts together to make a large belly out of a balloon filled with water and...
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    My Personal Binge

    Hi all, Not sure if this goes here but I guess it will end up where it needs to be after posting, right? Yesterday, I decided to go out for my birthday with a couple of folks. We decided to go to a local Chili's since I got pick of place and found some lovely large caloric dishes. When...
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    Belly Batter (Chap 1-3) - by Mandylover (SSBBW, ~BHM Explict ~ Sex ~XWG)

    wonderful story cannot wait for the next part JJ
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    License to Fill - by JoeFA (~BBW, Adventure, ~MWG)

    sounds lovely, cannot wait
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    Rachel's Data by Ruin (~BBW, Drug, ~SWG)

    Glad to hear that there is more to come from this story and cannot wait for the next chapter JJ
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    Rachel's Data by Ruin (~BBW, Drug, ~SWG)

    Wonderful, this story gets better and better. I think I can speak for myself and say that I have no problem waiting for terrific work like this. Take care of the items you need to and we will be here when you are ready. JJ
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    What's your favorite candy bar?

    sounds interesting I'm not one to mix spicy with sweet but this could delicious
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    What's your favorite candy bar?

    Mine would have to be Milky Way, Twix, or any candy bar with dark chocolate, I'm a big fan of dark chocolate, that is def my kryptonite
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    My weight gain (with pics)

    Awesome job on the gaining up to this point, thank you very much for sharing this journey and posting the pics of your progress, you have done a great job so far and wish you all the best on your continued success, you are a gorgeous young lady, good luck on your quest and hope to see more of...
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    The Swimsuit Challenge - by Elroy Cohen (~BBW (Multiple), Stuffing, ~XWG)

    great story, love the progression and development of the characters, very well written, cannot wait for the next chapter
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    Getting Round at the Track (1-5) by Mac5689 (~BBW, Romance, Car Racing Dramas, ~SWG)

    interesting story, can't wait for future installments, nice to see a story with a different setting than most stories, good luck with the story and hope to see future chapters when they are ready
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    Con-Man by Mac5689 - ~BBW, WG Drugs, ~MWG

    nice story Mac, it had incredible potential, the end of the story seemed quite rushed and took a bit of the luster away from how good the story could have been, Thank you for writing that story and hope to read more of your work in the future.
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    Hills and Valleys - by Big Beautiful Dreamer (~BBW, ~BHM, Romance, ~~WG)

    Thank you for that wonderful story, loved the story, well-written, you did a terrific job with the descriptions in certain scenes. Thank you again for writing that delightful story.