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    RIP SoVerySoft

    I haven't been in here in forever, but knew I had to come to pay respects to a delightful friend, someone I stayed in contact with on FB through the years, someone who was funny, upbeat and always welcoming at any bash I attended especially during those awkward few moments when you first arrive...
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    Only in the FA World

    Loving this thread. I was recently asked to contribute an article about sex for a magazine. I told my mother about it and she said, "What specifically are you going to write about?" "Not sure yet." "Can you mine some of the story you published about loving old women?" "Huh???"...
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    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    You see a fat girl out in your audience right after you walk out onstage (you are a performer) and you decide to get it over with and go right up to her and introduce yourself because otherwise you are going to obsess over how to get this person's attention, what to say, hope she likes you, etc...
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    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    You start taking yoga again and are surrounded by young, lithe little cuties in tights who are friendly and attractive and it's nice and hi and see you tomorrow and you never think of them in between sessions. Then you go out that night and a beautiful fat girl gives you her number and you go...
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    The Five Stupidest Diets I've Followed

    True, CP... Nice to be in a place of peace wit da food, though, regardless...there was a time when if someone told me to nail two pieces of wood together and eat that once a day, I'd try it...! Thanks for reading.
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    The Five Stupidest Diets I've Followed

    Morning, all...thought I'd share this article. Happy Thanksgiving...in two days, that is. :)
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    Dimensions in the news, or not?

    I have a policy of instant "no" regarding media appearances/commentary after some unfortunate experiences where I was misrepresented and/or my comments were taken out of context, or what I had written was edited and printed without the final version sent to me---with comments I hadn't made and...
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    unsolicited condescending health advice

    You just have to realize that nobody sees anyone. They see through the filter of their own experience, and believe that what they're seeing is the "truth." All 7 billion of us! :) Ask five people who witnessed a crime to describe the clothing, height, age, race and weight of the...
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    Meeting an FA

    You might want to play with loosening up "I'm looking for a long-term relationship." (Speaking as a person currently in a 15-year relationship/10-year marriage this October.) It's like going to work for a company and saying "I'd like to work here for the rest of my life" before you even get the...
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    Carrying SSBBW Wife over threshold?

    this made me smile. She has not lifted me, but she has used her belly here and there to bump me out of the way, or across a room, just because she feels like it. :)
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    BBW's and The Body Beautiful

    Re: Gay men-- My wife's friends are exclusively gay men (NYC gay men, to boot,) and not one has ever made so much as a single peep about her weight in the 15 years I've known her, even when she lost 50 lbs about 3 years ago and all the straight women she knew fell all over themselves to gush...
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    Guys Who Like Fat Chicks: Village Voice Article

    As someone who was also interviewed for the article, I do, too. Let's just say it's not because of ageism that no one older than 28 is represented.
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    Weight Loss in the SA Movement

    I hear this loud and clear. My wife lost about 50 pounds 2 years ago, just from eating a little better, and she shakes her head at the people who dash up, thinking they're giving her the biggest compliment in the world when they make comment after comment about "the weight" and "How much HAVE...
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    What being an FA means to you

    It is a gift.