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    They exist! A report of an FFA sighting in the wilderness...

    This story is not true. edit: Actually, I live almost next door to a place like this, and every day after work I can walk from my house to it, and see movies in one of 18 theaters, including IMAX, and eat at one of the 19 restaurants, and one has 175 beers on *tap* (the most in the whole wide...
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    They exist! A report of an FFA sighting in the wilderness...

    Ah, fellow locals! The feast buffet is part of why Im heading into ssbhm territory!
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    They exist! A report of an FFA sighting in the wilderness...

    Im wondering how you'd guess that since if I agree, it'll be called a convenient coincidence. But yes. Yardhouse, specifically. And for the record, if I was making up a story I could do a *lot* better than this ;)
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    They exist! A report of an FFA sighting in the wilderness...

    So we were out for a beer here in Sin City recently and had an interesting night. We finally get seats at the huge bar at a new, very trendy place in West Vegas (no easy feat on a Saturday night) and immediately the lady next to me (married and somewhat slammed) starts talking to me while her...
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    Post your random Youtube links here...

    I was shown that by a friend, with the accompanying disclaimer: "This is so ass-demolishingly gay it circles back around to straight." At first I thought it was an intolerant remark until I clicked - and after seeing it I sort of understand. I'm hard to surprise, having worked just off Freemont...
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    Post your random Youtube links here...

    I don't know if this has been posted before but I don't think it can possibly get any more random than this. It's 100% pure, natural concentrated WTF.
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    water/air belly inflation

    Honestly, no. Mostly because I've always had what I feel is a well defined break between reality and fantasy. I'm actually a medical illustrator by trade so I do know that just about 95% of the things I've been asked to draw are impossibilities on a grand scale, but I suppose that's why I drew...
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    water/air belly inflation

    I've had that procedure, and without going WAY too far into TMI territory the story that arose from that experience causes everyone I tell (and I have to know em' pretty well) to either lose bladder control from laughing so hard (literally, that has happened, twice now) or run away screaming and...
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    water/air belly inflation

    What a bizarre fascination... why I've never *heard* of such a thing! I'm.. I'm stunned (looks around innocently). There are people that are into body inflation? :blush: (retreats back into the obscurity of deviantart)
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    Reminiscing on the Blueberry Girl...

    I know I don't post very often but considering the thread I felt some shameless self promotion was in order. :blush:
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    OUTRAGE!! Local KFC Stopped Selling Fish Snackers!!

    Bastards. I felt the same way when McDonald's stopped carrying the steak and egg breakfast bagel. If you never had one of those... they were surprisingly good for McFood. Get the combo, put the hash brown right on the sammich... good times. Shoulda told the window kid you were coming...
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    It's the real thing!

    You are ABSOLUTELY right, sir. In Vegas I always go get coke at a large Mexican food store (that also is the only place to buy Mojo Criollo in town) and it's the way Coke was intended, I bought a regular Coke and a Mexican Coke and side by side...the difference is enormous.
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    Noctournes - by Basshead (SSBBW Eating Fantasy, semi-mobility)

    I love the attention to detail and carefully chosen, original descriptions. Kudos.
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    Going to Boston, Where to eat?

    I was there about 4 years ago and my good buddy took me to a pub, got me hammered, then asked, "hungry?" Well, duh... Anyway, he took me to "Vinnie Testa's". Oh my good God. I ordered the smallest plate available at his suggestion and they brought out a plate of fettucini alfredo with...
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    News: Willing to become a Feedee

    And now I will go take my cold shower for the night. Thank you very much... damned doctor ordering me to avoid naughty thoughts for a week and I read this thread... grrr. Evil, evil women! Damn my vivid mind's eye!