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  1. KingBuu

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    Reintroducing myself, I was hospitalized and lost 150 pounds, I weigh 189 lbs now. Dunno if I'm welcome here still or not. I'm Ricardo
  2. KingBuu

    Belly library (men/women)

    Mah belly
  3. KingBuu

    What is your weight right now?

  4. KingBuu

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    Back after an extremely long absence.
  5. KingBuu

    "All the nice girls love a bastard!"

    Addendum, that they do
  6. KingBuu

    What are you unhappy about today?

    Nothing, now
  7. KingBuu

    Guess who's back

    I'm back too :D
  8. KingBuu

    Horny Meter

    Always at 100/10
  9. KingBuu

    Do we still need a separate BHM/FFA board?

    I'm not really discouraged to come here, although I can't see it as a dating site either. I'm an agoraphobic but I'm also busy on the computer most of the day with other things. I come here to skim posts I like and see nice pictures of everyone. I find myself more welcome here than before whence...
  10. KingBuu

    What are you unhappy about today?

  11. KingBuu

    What are you happy about today?

    Feeling Happy-ish
  12. KingBuu

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

  13. KingBuu

    What are you unhappy about today?

    Unhappy because I'm not going to be moving after all.
  14. KingBuu

    What's pissing you off today?

    The hot heat of early summer.
  15. KingBuu

    The thread for random single confessions!

    I have no emotions.