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    Post an Old Music Video from "Back in the Day"

    The Jets "You Got it All"
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    "Baker's Dozen" Movies

    Next topic - Name a film that depicts a historical event that most adults who are 21 years old - should have watched to complete their education. 1. Night and Fog - this is a little 30 min documentary by Alain Resnais. I never watched it until it was on TMC a couple of weeks ago. I was...
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    "Baker's Dozen" Music

    Name the first music video you ever watched on MTV or similar station. 1. Love is a Battlefield -- Pat Benetar 2. Michael Jackson's Thriller 3. The Adams Family - MC Hammer 4. Land Down Under - Men at Work 5. Lonely Boy - Andrew Gold 6. Herbie Hancock - Rockit 7. XTC - Life Begins at the Hop 8...
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    Hey lovely! I hope all is well!

    Hey lovely! I hope all is well!
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    Post your favorite...anything

    Pet:Rabbit Actor:Robert De Niro Alcoholic Beverage:Bahama mama, Sangria Blush wine Day of the Week:Saturday
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    RIP CastingPearls

    Wow, I came back after a long time to find that she is no longer with us! She was a beautiful and hell of a witty poster! May she rest in peace!
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    The biggest plus size model ever to get a contract with a major modeling agency

    So sad that this woman still receives hundreds of hate mail a day. Why? For being fat AND proud? This visceral hatred of fat women stems from misogyny. How dare a large women be so prideful of her body? That's NOT supposed to happen. Fat women are supposed to be hidden and hang their heads in...
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    BBWs with *GASP* small boobs!

    Whether people like it or not, validation is a huge issue for many people, male and female. I love to hear the opinion of male posters.
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    Holding on to weight as a big screw you to society

    I hold on to my weight as a big fuck you to my mother and the rest of the society that seems to think a woman has to be a certain size to be deemed attractive. She constantly criticizes my weight every chance she gets. She's worried about my 'health'. But I've told her my blood pressure and...
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    unpopular opinions thread

    Dear God, I constantly fantasize about my married coworker taking me from behind in the lab storage room. He no longer works at the job. Of course I wouldn't have acted on it, but it doesn't hurt to imagine.
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    Passing of a fellow Dimmer

    I am sorry to find out about this news. May she rest in peace.
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    How do men really feel about overweight women?

    It sounds cliche, but I know if an overweight woman carries herself like she is "the bomb", men will naturally flock to her. I know I love my figure and dress to accent it. I never ever had trouble finding a date.
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    Public idea of "Chubby Chasing"

    Being ashamed for liking huge asses, tits, and curves as compared to salivating over someone with the figure of a 12 year old child? If anything, that's more weird to me. There is nothing wrong with having preference but too often males who only like the thin women become so arrogant and think...
  14. KittyKitten

    Walk While Fat and Female

    Is this satire? You have got to be kidding. Afraid they will gang rape you? How can women gang rape a big and grown adult man? I think you are just saying this to be facetious. Nine young females coming behind you and you are afraid they will take advantage of you? What man talks like that? The...
  15. KittyKitten

    What do you consider BBW and SSBBW?

    To me there is not a set weight, it is based on shape and appearance. 200 lbs on one person may look different on another based on bone structure and muscle mass. On appearance I would consider 90s Roseanne or Kelly Price as BBWs. I would consider any of the ladies on the pay site on Dims as...