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  1. Koudelka

    Her Family by Scx (~BBW, ~XWG)

    :bow: Wow! Short, but it has everything I like in weight gain stories: Girls in different stages of obesity, all highly decadent and gluttonous, all willing to become unbelievably fat to immobility and beyond with not a single concern, suportive familiy. A little more description of the...
  2. Koudelka

    The realities of gaining - by Ulysses (~BBW to USBBW, struggling / immobility, XXWG)

    Wow! Normally I avoid the obvious problems that come with extreme fatness in my fantasies, but this was just exciting to read. All the extreme problems that come with the overwhelming fatness of the two girls are compensated by their unshakable wish to feed and get fatter and fatter - no matter...
  3. Koudelka

    Shauna by CidRailgun (SSBBW, Fantasy gaining, Feeding Machine, XXWG)

    This story starts just the way I like it. The weight gain is slow, realistic, sexy. But in the middle of the story the gain rate gets ridiculous and unbelievable. Bummer! :huh:
  4. Koudelka

    Bbw, Xwg

    No, I mean I'm writing another classic written WG story. The Maggie story is not finished, but I have no time to work on it right now. But I promise, that I won't give up.
  5. Koudelka

    Bbw, Xwg

    I am wondering too, where all the XWG-story-writers have gone. It is true, that the archives are full of very good classig XWG, but nowadays I find less and less of them. I am writing one myself right now, but it is very unsure, when it will be finished.
  6. Koudelka

    The New Neighbor - by biggirlsrock (SSBW, Funnel feeding, Lesbianism)

    Exciting! This really could be the start of a very erotic weight gain story!
  7. Koudelka

    Voluptuous Ladies (1-34) - By Expander Jack (~BBWs, Stuffing, Lesbian Sex, ~XWG)

    Yes you could. Like about a billion people already did. The Maggie-Story isn't finished. It will continue when I have enough free time to draw complex FA-stuff again. As long as you can read "to be continued" in the description of the page, the story is not finished.
  8. Koudelka

    Voluptuous Ladies (1-34) - By Expander Jack (~BBWs, Stuffing, Lesbian Sex, ~XWG)

    @ Coop: Is this story finished or will there be a sequel? The last part sounds like it could be a good end of the story. I am just curious, if we can expect some more of this epic tale or if it ist finished at this point. Anyway: No hurry, keep up the good work and a happy 2010!
  9. Koudelka

    Voluptuous Ladies (1-34) - By Expander Jack (~BBWs, Stuffing, Lesbian Sex, ~XWG)

    Your story proves, that it still pays off to look here at the Dims-Story-archieves. This is just my kind of story. Very detailed and very well written. Keep up the good work.
  10. Koudelka

    What Are Friends For? - by Casso (~BBW (Multiple), Lesbian Foreplay, Feeding,~XWG)

    I searched, but I can't find them. Where exactly are your older stories?
  11. Koudelka

    What Are Friends For? - by Casso (~BBW (Multiple), Lesbian Foreplay, Feeding,~XWG)

    Wow! :eek: That's exactly my kind of story! I almost lost hope, that somebody writes stories like that anymore. I am really looking foward to see where it may go! :eat2: Keep up the good work!
  12. Koudelka

    Roommates - by Forrest (BBW (multiple), Eating, ~XWG)

    A very good start. Can't wait for a sequel.
  13. Koudelka

    Buffet Gluttonous Pig - by Anonymous (SSBBW, stuffing, immobility ~XWG)

    Great plto and greatly narrated ... until the middle. I think it goes to fast from there. It's too bad about the details.
  14. Koudelka

    Katy - by The Studio (USBBW, Eating, WG Formula, Explicit ~Sex, Squashing, ~XWG)

    Although this story is online now for several years I am still amazed.
  15. Koudelka

    Mutya Buena - by Zarbon (USBBW,gluttony, immobility, XXWG)

    Great story! One of my favs! The only thing that bothers me is that she dies so young! I know it is realistic, but still :( !