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  1. kuopiofi

    Why no strories of black people? Request/challenge

    I've been reading FA-stories for several years and there's something I've noted: there are very few people who write about black people in their stories (Lardibutts is the only one I remember, but even he(?) hasn't done so in long time), while even a quick look into internet/TV or just going...
  2. kuopiofi

    Miranda's Worst Mission (mass effect fanfic, WG, BBW)

    Interesting... definitely on my watch-list. Do you have any other place where you post your stories?
  3. kuopiofi

    Falling Down - BBW, Feeding, Drama, WG

    Samster, do you have plans continuing this one?
  4. kuopiofi

    Immobile Kristin - by Wantsufatter (BBW, Lesbian Sex, Feeding, ~XWG)

    Stupid question, but where are the two earlier chapters?