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    What's your latest kick?

    The bag of peppers is wonderful! So convenient and crispy. I just love Aldi. My own kick is rediscovering menu items at Taco Bell. I can't count how many Meximelts and Enchiritos I've had in the past two weeks. Usually, I only get Taco Supremes and thought I was being crazy by ordering the...
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    Goals Before We Hit 40....

    Hey, if a fan-fic writer writing the most impossibly-to-believe "erotic" dreck can be on the NYT Best-Seller List for weeks, you certainly should have a chance!! :D Don't give up!
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    Getting smaller and smaller!

    I just noticed this for sure the other day!! I was buying for a get-together, and I kept looking up and down the aisle for the "family bag" by size, and I was honestly shocked by the decrease. If the family Size was not on the bag, I would have missed it completely. Even the quarter bag (now 3...
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    Single and/or childless in your 30s

    I'm 32, and I know I do not want to have children. I don't think I want to be married per se, but would not mind being in a long term relationship, with him living in his own place. I have yet to meet someone I want around me 24/7, and I'm probably not someone anyone wants around 24/7. This...
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    Have you ever had anyone envy you for being fat?

    I myself envy ladies who are fat in all the right places. I hate that I have no hips, barely any breasts, and no ass, but weigh over 300 lbs. I am completely jealous of pear and hourglass figures because they look truly feminine. I can totally sympathize with thin girls who may feel the same...
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    Bra shopping

    I like Cacique, but Catherine's also. Surprisingly, I've had good luck with Just My Size, which I can get at Wal-Mart. I went to Lane Bryant for a professional fitting, and I'm lucky enough that bras fit in other stores, more or less within the same size.
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    I'd do some really questionable things for rain right now!!! Memphis is hot and humid, but no rain. Temps routinely feel like the 100s. I have given up on getting any tomatoes except from the grocery stores. I'd cheer for rain, a powerful drenching rain. Everything looks hot, dirty, and...
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    Literary Mashups Needed

    The Decameron as told by the wizard teachers, dead and alive, past and present, of the Harry Potter universe, with Dr. Strange and Professor X of the Marvel universe as they all travel to an instructors' convention. I want McGonagall to tell the pear tree chapter.
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    Additional forums for Dimensions?

    This is a great idea! I also second the newbie sub-forum. Is there a rule or policy against a dating forum or subforums? I'm not seeing anything sleazy, just a place where sinlges could post an ad and interested people could PM them. I see a number of singles threads, and think it would be neat...
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    What's happening in your yard/garden?

    What gorgeous flowers! I'm trying to grow tomatoes, but we have had so much rain over the past month or so, I think it's a futile effort.
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    An Unusual Question

    I'm very sorry for your loss. I also recommend placing a photo in the coffin. I agree the outfit itself should really just be linked to your wedding day. Again, my deepest sympathies.
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    Rep Your Pets!

    This one is too cute! This could be on the February page of a cat calendar.
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    TV Show cancellations

    This is so true! Fox really does not give shows enough time to catch on before playing schedule shuffle, which pretty much guarantees it will not find an established audience. The other networks do this also, but Fox has a really bad habit of it. I still miss Profit.
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    Happy Birthday MissStacie

    Happy Birthday!!
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    The Thread for Random Single Confessions Part ... I don't know what Part

    IC that I am glad summer is here so I can put some effort into finding a boyfriend or something like that. I'm so tired after school, I just come home and sleep.