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    Dims Member Appreciation Thread

    You are too kind, @BigElectricKat! I need to give this some thought. There are some awesome people in this community and it's good to update this thread from time to time to recognize something nice about someone else.
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    Any baseball fans here?

    They should be getting dunked on for that trade! Rockies fans need to revolt the way the Kansas City Chiefs fans did in the 2012 season. The result was Andy Reid and the best stretch in Chiefs franchise history from 2013 through the present. The Rockies benefit from a few things though. Despite...
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    Any baseball fans here?

    Colorado Rockies fan here. Go ahead and laugh!🤣
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    Plus Size TTC, Infertility, and Pregnancy

    Congratulations on your new marriage and your life changing addition to your family!
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    I'm heading south!
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    That is as good a pic as you’ve posted! 😍
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    Fat vs physical condition and general motivation

    @GentleAnimal that's a paradox with which I am intimately familiar. I am pretty fit, and even though I'm fit I desire to be with a plus size partners. This means certain activities I'd like to do with my partner I just can't do. I have to weigh the priorities: Do I care more about doing every...
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    Fat sexuality

    More of this. Please. Well said, my friend.
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    Are you a morning or evening pooper?

    This thread is hilarious! I’m not on a schedule, purely on an “as-needed” basis!🤣
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    Flaunt those jeans 😍

    You look amazing from every angle!
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    So many pretty ladies in one pic!
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    Fat sexuality

    there are two kinds of big asses. A good kind and bad kind. Do I need to go into greater detail or are you getting me?🤣
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    I think I need a bigger office chair...

    love it! That’s an awesome pick and a lucky chair! 😍
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    Fat sexuality

    I’ll echo what others have said and get right to the point. “Skinny bitches” is low brow and we're better than that here. For a member of a group that supports those who have been marginalized and scorned by society to use this kind of verbiage to describe other people is just garbage. To act...